22 Weeks

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So this one is a bit late... But better late than never, right?! I took most of these pictures when I was 22 weeks & am now 23 weeks & 3 days! Oops!

How far along?  22 weeks
Total weight gain:   about 8 pounds
Maternity clothes?   I mostly wear my regular clothes still, but throw in some maternity tees, leggings & jeans here & there. My Bella Bands are my saviors! 
Stretch marks?  Not yet & hopefully never! 
Sleep? It's gotten pretty enjoyable! Congestion cleared up & I've been mostly sleeping all the way through the night! 
Best moment this week:   We bought a few outfits for our little man that we found & thought were super cute!
Miss Anything?   Wine & Amaretto Sours, & having energy to do lots of things! 
Movement?  I believe so! Still not strong thanks to my awesome placenta! [sorry for the tmi!]
Food cravings:   Orange juice & Captain Crunch cereal! Yum!
Anything making you queasy or sick:   nope! 
Starting to show yet? Absolutely! 
Gender:   BOY!! 
Labor Signs:   NO! And I hope I don't have any for a long time! 
Symptoms:   Heartburn is still creeping on me a lot of the time! That's mostly it! 
Belly Button in or out?   In
Wedding rings on or off?   On
Happy or Moody most of the time:   Happy! 
Looking forward to:  Halloween & maybe trick or treating with some friends who have kids & getting ready to travel back to the states next month! 

We went to the Sunshine Pumpkin Farm here in Germany a couple of weeks ago & got some pumpkins! It's one of very few here in Germany since the Germans don't celebrate Halloween like Americans do! But it was pretty cool since we got to get the pumpkins right off of the vine! 

Greg checking out some punpkins

"This one looks good!"

Part of the pumpkin farm

There's so many pumpkins to choose from

I like this one! 

Our 3 pumpkins! Like the little one for our soon-to-come little one? 

More fun that come up! I bought a new orange shirt the other day & wore it to work for the first time! A girl in my class excitedly told me I look like a pumpkin! Sweet! So I decided I would amuse them a little and cut out a pumpkin face from construction paper & taped it onto my belly! The kids LOVED it! They kept lifting up my smock to look at my pumpkin belly! They even keep asking where my pumpkin went when I wear different shirts! 

Well I have to get back to work! Yay full time employment! ha But I shall try & find some time to blog again this weekend & upload some more recent pictures! :) 
Have a good week!