31 Days of Halloween// Week One

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Halloween is one of the most festive holidays of the year! Second only really to Christmas!

So we decided to have some fun & add plenty of Halloween goodies into our days! It has been sort of a modge podge of fun since I was getting over being sick when October rolled in & really was not up to doing much!

A few weeks ago I grabbed Grey a little pumpkin cup from the dollar section & was so excited to break it out! He loves drinking from it & carrying it around like a toy! Snacks are so fun when there's pumpkin butter & pretzels involved! 

I added some simple, yet cute, decorations around the house. We don't have tons accumulated yet and Germans don't really do Halloween so the selection of Halloween gear is rather limited. Some orange garlands & pictures of Grey with pumpkins really Fall up the place! 
Check out that Happy Halloween sign! Adorable, right?! Thanks mom!

I've really been into banners these days & wanted one to hang up so decided to try my hand at a DIY! Trick or Treat seemed like a perfectly festive thing to hang up so I broke out my new Cricut & started at it! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Can't wait to make some for the rest of this year's holidays! 

In preparation for Trick or Treating, I also grabbed Grey a pumpkin bucket to collect his loot! Until then, we shall collect plastic coins, Easter eggs & crayons! 

Orange clothing is a must leading up to Halloween! Grey has a decent amount of orange in his wardrobe, thanks to being a Cleveland Browns family! 

Of course the orange fun isn't just for Grey! Found this shimery orange gem from forever ago! I shall be rocking this beauty well into November! 

Craft time! I cut a pumpkin out of a big piece of orange paper & some face shapes and glued a "stem," which is just a small piece of green streamer. A little glue on the back of the pieces & voila! I just let Grey explore the sticky pieces & let him stick away on the pumpkin. 

His pumpkin is silly but I love it! And yes, I'm totally that mom that hung it up like it's a masterpiece! I wanted a picture of him holding it & got a screaming face instead. 

Fall for sure for me means pumpkin everything! We just recently bought some pumpkin butter at the pumpkin festival we went to & I accidentally got addicted to it. Oops! Like obsessed. My husband said he highly doubts I haven't eaten any with a spoon. He might be right..

Of course we quickly ran out & the place we got it from is a bit of a drive so I tried my hand at a crockpot version! 

Pumpkin Butter: 
1 can Pumpkin Puree
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Nutmeg
1/2 tsp Ginger

Throw it all in the crock pot & mix well. Cover & cook on high for 3 hours, stirring frequently so that it doesn't burn on the sides. I made a half batch to start out, only because I didn't have enough brown sugar on hand for the whole batch. I might have licked the spoon after it was done, just to make sure it isn't poison, and boy is it delicious! 

I put it into the jar from the other pumpkin butter!
It lasts about 2-3 weeks in the fridge [if you don't devour it faster] & 6-9 months in the freezer! 

Ah it's been such a fun start to the month & we have some more fun heading our way! 
Stay tuned & join the link up fun here: 

What fun things have you been up to this month to make October & Halloween special?! I'd love to hear! 


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    1. Thanks! :) It's the first one I've made & so happy it turned out like I planned!

  2. Pumpkin butter! I've never tried that! Where do you find it at? Your garland turned out FABULOUS!!!! The letters are perfect! Oh you shared a pumpkin butter recipe! Fun! Thanks for linking up with us! Can't wait to see what fun you share next week!


    1. It's so delicious! The original pumpkin butter was from a local pumpkin festival here in Germany, though I've read a few friends in the states have found it at Trader Joe's. And the pumpkin butter recipe is pretty solid & super easy! And thanks for co-hosting! :) It's such a fun link-up!

  3. hm, so pumpkin butter has no butter! I never knew! I feel like that was one of those moments in life when something awesome was revealed to me. No butter in the pumpkin butter. my oh my. Now I want to make some. omg I also want a nap. That came out of nowhere...
    Those Germans don't know what they are missing. I love your Halloween banner, and I'm so jealous you have a cricut!!! I'd never stop making all the things.
    I adore his pumpkin masterpiece! I'd hang that puppy up too. I haven't started on the crafting yet with the whole sickness, so I'm excited to get to some. We don't even have the supplies yet though, oops!
    I love your nail polish! I asked Aria what colour she wanted on her toes today and she said orange...but I don't own any orange nail polish. So I was all sad. We need some stat!
    Thanks so much for linking up today! I super duper appreciate it and loved reading your post. It was so festive I wanted to hug it!

    1. Right?! Mind blown! I totally thought it had butter too until I found the recipe!
      And I love the cricuit! My step-dad's cousin gave my mom 2 (two!) since she didn't use them and my mom sent me one of them! Definitely can't wait to make more!
      You definitely need orange nail polish! It's the best! Perfect for all autumn long! ;)
      And thanks for hosting! Such a fun link-up! It's pushing me to do the things I've wanted!

  4. Love the pumpkin butter recipe! Great idea! I'm going to try that one.

  5. I've never heard of pumpkin butter but it sounds so yummy!! What a cute pumpkin craft too! I love that pumpkin cup for him to drink out of - so toddler friendly but also festive. Looks like you're off to a great start! Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. The pumpkin butter is delicious! It's a lot like apple butter, just made with pumpkin instead! It's great on toast & really everything! ;)
      And I do like the cup! I have a love/hate relationship with toddler cups but this one is surprisingly good for only being $1! It hasn't leaked or anything yet!
      And thanks for co-hosting! It's such a fun link-up!

  6. What a festive house!! And that recipe!! Love all the little pumpkin details!
    it's my girls' world

    1. Thanks! I'm still working on finding a bit more to spruce things up a bit but I do like the simple touches! Thanks for stopping by! :)