It's The Little Things// Gymnastics

9:33 AM Amanda Greathouse 2 Comments

Greyson is a typical toddler boy who has way more energy than he knows what to do with. 

So after looking around & talking to a few people, I decided we should sign him up for Mommy & Me Gymnastics class! It is for 18 month-3 year olds, he barely made the cut-off! It meets once a week for 45 minutes & it's all hands on for mom too!

The class started the beginning of September & honestly, it wasn't a great start. He freaked out almost the entire time the first week, stressing us both out like crazy. I didn't understand why it seemed like every other kid followed directions while he was just screaming & throwing fit after fit. Then I realized he is one of the youngest & he'd never been in an instructional class before. And I've come to see each week that the other kids aren't perfect like I imagined, they're all toddlers with their own crazy moments!

So today was our 5th week & man has it gotten 1000 times better! Each week is little better in new ways, but today I was amazed & crazy proud of him! He did fantastic! He participated in the "stretching," played on things going in the right direction [mostly], and was open to trying new things I took him to! 

It's usually just a bunch of small obstacle course-like things for the kids to climb & practice gymnastics things. Greyson is a master when it comes to summersaults! It's usually what he spends most of the time wanting to do. Guess all the practicing at home is paying off!

He's gotten really into the tunnels recently too. He used to be kind of scared of it, but he decided today they are fun & kept wanting to crawl through them. 

Another favorite is the little soft stairs! Despite having stairs at home to climb, he finds them so fun & likes to play on them! This week was better since they were a part of an obstacle section instead of to climb to the big bars, which he won't hang on to! 

 The pictures aren't the best since I had to use my phone, which has a terrible camera, and he was constantly on the move! It really is a fun little time we are starting to have! I can't wait to keep watching how he improves each week! 

In other news, it's finally October!! I couldn't be more excited! It's the start of the serious Fall weather & my favorite time of the year! 


  1. Stopping by from the link up... Love gymnastics for my kids. My baby was the same as Greyson. Was NOT a fan at first but slowly came around :-)

    Come by and say hi

  2. It's been an adjustment for Mia in our mommy and me dance class as well! She just wants to run in circles and play but I'm SO glad she's learning to follow instruction from her teacher! I wish there was a little gymnastics class as well, I would totally sign her up!