Hitscherhof Farm Festival

10:00 AM Amanda Greathouse 2 Comments

We kicked off our Fall with a trip to a pumpkin festival! I couldn't have been more excited about it!
I've heard about the festival the last 2 years, but usually not until the weekend it was happening & we would have plans already. So we had to make sure to go this year & try the goodies I've heard so much about!
It ended up being a beautiful & warm day! Great for walking around & having fun!

Greg grabbed some flam-kutchen to try, which is almost like a super flaky crusted pizza! And I got pumpkin soup that everyone raves about! It was super delicious! I'd love to find a way to replicate it here at home!

 Greyson was fascinated by all of the dogs at the festival. He loves dogs & would stop in his tracks to stare at them. He even tried getting close up to a few and sneaking some pets on them, but I always caught him.

We spent some time playing in a small field that was full of hay & haystacks. Greyson was loving running around, climbing the haystacks & even got a bit of hay thrown at him a time or two! Once may have even been by daddy.. He started to get super itchy & irritated so we headed out to do some walking around!

 There was a small section of pumpkins for sale that we explored a bit. We found a tiny one to show Grey that he could hold & he for sure thought he could bite into it like an apple!

 Then a little someone got tired & passed out after some mommy cuddles! He's been teething pretty hard & not sleeping great so we weren't surprised. So he got to just chill the rest of the time & catch some Zzz's!

 There was a few little games for the older kids or adults at heart to play. And a corn maze that I really wanted to do, but since Grey was asleep, we decided to head on home.

The small bottle we enjoyed while walking around a bit! We brought home 2 big bottles of Pumpkin Secco & pumpkin butter! Yummmm! Let me just say, that pumpkin butter is so delicious I don't ever want to eat toast another way again, ever!

It was a fun, fall family day! Can't wait for October to begin in just a couple of days & all of the fun Halloween festivities that are to follow!
For today, Grey & I are going to embrace our PJs, messy hair & [hopefully stays this way] clear runny noses! Happy Monday!


  1. messy hair and pjs is my style! hahaha, love that he tried to bite it. Aria does that ALL the time and it always throws me. We were putting some nectarines into the produce baggie and I handed one to her and she jammed it right in her mouth. She ended up putting them in the bag but I think she was a bit peeved I wouldn't let her just eat the dang thing. Looks like a great event!! More events with pumpkins is always good in my book.

    1. Haha we live in PJs & messy hair all the time! Mom-style! ;)
      And that's funny about the nectarines! Toddlers man! Grey for sure thinks he can bite into anything since he's used to fruit like apples, pears, peaches, etc. that he can do that will. So he gets totally confused when he can't!