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Sunday is here and I find myself running on empty. Daddy has been away since Monday morning, so I have been flying solo with both kids for the longest time yet in the last 5 months. I tried very hard to make it through this week with my sanity but it wasn't always easy. 
I thought I'd share some confessions from this week. 

1. I drank an absurd amount of coffee. Not even to be a high performing supermom. Literally mass amounts simply to function & not pass out when I sat down for a minute. It only sort of worked. I got the bare minimum done most days, frequently leaving the house a disaster to sneak a celebratory "we're still alive for the day" cookie before heading to bed to watch Netflix. 
2. I used food to entertain Greyson a couple of times. Like put the container of strawberries on the counter because I knew he'd eat them & let me have a few minutes to wash dishes or get Olivia's bottles ready for the morning. 
3. We played with Snapchat - a lot! Greyson is obsessed with the "dog one" so we would take pictures & make silly faces. And then send the creepy ones to daddy to let him know we miss him (he is lame & doesn't have Snapchat). 
4. I let the kids sleep in our bed. Olivia basically slept with me every night, which isn't all that different from a normal night since she is still in our room. But at least twice, Greyson woke up to go potty & instead of putting forth the effort to get him back to sleep in his own bed, I got him to crawl into our bed to cuddle. 
5. Dinner was almost non-existent. Greyson barely eats any night & I was so exhausted with no motivation to cook. So dinner consisted of lots of toast, quesadillas, chicken fries, and Mac & Cheese. #noshame 
6. We are crazy excited for daddy to be home tonight! We are anxiously counting down the hours and minutes until we can get him from the airport. We went to Target & it totally felt so late - I was less than thrilled to realize it was only 2 PM! 

There ya have it! My shameless confessions of how I managed to keep the kids alive and the house [mostly] in order! 
Now if you need us, we will be over here bouncing with excitement awaiting daddy's plane! 

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  1. Coffee sometimes enters into just barely surviving mode. I'd be a zombie if it was just me all day for days. I'm not a fan of one day. Hopefully he is back now or soon!