Slowing Down in 2014

3:42 PM Amanda Greathouse 7 Comments

I've never really been someone who writes New Years resolutions for myself. Yes I start the new year like everyone else - wanting to eat healthier, workout more [especially after holiday sweets]. But those are things I tell myself to do all year round. And they are so much more for myself than anyone else.

But 2013 brought us the greatest joy -- Greyson! He changed our lives so much from the moment we set eyes on him! And I am now finding myself doing things more for him than myself.

The problem is, he doesn't care if we get somewhere on time or if he has toys thrown around the house like a tornado ripped through the house. His day doesn't shatter if there are some dirty dishes waiting while we sit down for breakfast. What he wants is to play with some books & only sometimes try to rip the pages out! He wants to play with his new blocks & show mommy how he can put them in the bucket & take them out. He wants daddy to throw him in the air & pretend to use him like a barbell.

My goal for 2014 is to slow down, take everything in with Greyson & our family, without trying to rush through it. Last year flew by so quickly & it astounds me that Greyson is almost a year old already! I wish I would've soaked so much more of it up!

As he keeps growing, I know he will become more social, curious & want to do so many more things. I want to put off doing the dishes if it means I can spend 10 more minutes playing with little cars. I want to accept being late sometimes if it means adding some extra tickles in during diaper changes. I want to make messes if it means making memories with my family.

There are so many important things in life. And my family is one of the most important things to me! I want to make myself slow down so I can cherish every moment with them & not have regrets in the future that I missed out on things.

How do you plan to make the most of 2014? I would love to hear others' goals! Hope 2014 treats everyone well!


  1. Very nice. I wish I would have spent more time with you playing barbie's. Looking back I regret it every day.

  2. Good idea Amanda! As new parents, I remember that all I wanted to do was WOW my son with the newest toy, the greatest outting, etc.... when you are right, we realize that all they want to do is be with us. They are just as happy playing peek a boo with you and a box, than the most expensive electronic gadget there is to be had. =)

  3. What a cutie he is!

  4. Thank you! :) & yes he loves the simple things like peek-a-boo! He'd rather carry a remote around than play with almost any toy he has!

  5. The time really does zip by. It is crazy how fast we blink and these babies are toddlers. Wishes for a slow totally taken in 2014.

  6. No need to great anything! You're a great mom & always have been! You were there for so much and we'll never forget that! Soccer games, band concerts, graduations! No matter how hard it was on you, you found a way! :)