11 Months Old

6:07 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Whoa time really does fly! I know I say that a lot, but each month it proves to be even more true! I feel like we were just welcoming this little guy into our lives & now we spend our days chasing him around! 
11 Month Stats: 
Weight: 18 lb 6.5 oz. 
Tooth Count: 6 with one showing through his gums
Favorite Foods: Bananas, Blueberries, Yogurt, Toast, Grilled Cheese, Chicken, Meatballs, Sweet Potato Fries 
Favorite Toys: Basketball Hoop, V-tech Turtle, Mega Bloks, Shape Sorter, Magnet Letters
Favorite Activites: Bath time, Opening & closing doors, Playing with Dexter & his ball, Begging for food, Being a ninja & breaking into things he should be in & pulling things out [examples include the recycling, dog food bin & nightstand drawers], "Coughing" to make us laugh, Being told "Bless you" when he sneezes, Pulling things off of the bookshelves
Least Favorite Things: Being told "no," Getting out of the bath, Not getting to play with things he shouldn't have

He is such an energetic little boy! He always wants to be moving. Always! Diaper changes are an interesting activity now since he for sure never wants to lay still on his back for like 2 minutes. He's like a contortionist when it comes time to get dressed! 

He loves having his picture taken! I'm sure that somehow stems from my constantly taking pictures or videos of him since he was very little. Whenever he sees me snapping pictures, he starts posing & either giving a smile or a creepy, silly face! He does get a little camera shy when I'm trying to take a video of him doing something new, like saying "dada" or making clicking noises with his tongue. 

He also recently started coming up to me every once in awhile, putting his hand on me [usually my shoulder] & giving me a serious look, then trying to eat kiss my face! It's one of the cutest things that he does recently! I could shower him with hugs & kisses all day. & I'm not ashamed to admit that sometimes I do! 

As we quickly approach February, I've been in birthday planning mode like crazy! Gathering a bunch of ideas & spending way too much time on Pinterest looking at parties I could never imagine pulling off! Excited for our little get together we have planned for here in Germany & the second one in the states my mom is planning. It will be a bit belated but it'll still be fun to get to celebrate with friends & family back home who can't be here for his actual birthday! 
Not only am I planning for his party, but I want to make his day extra special! Valentine's Day is no longer one for Greg & I, but instead it's a day for all 3 of us to enjoy! Stay tuned for the cute stuff I planned to fill February 14 with love & birthday fun!