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9:48 AM Amanda Greathouse 2 Comments

We've finally settled back into reality post holiday madness. It seems crazy that it's already mid-January already. 

We're quickly coming up on our move & just waiting for the last things to fall into place so we can get set dates for packing, leaving & traveling. It's nice and stressful to have to just sit around waiting. 

On a separate note, Greyson is 23 months & that means he will be two in less than a month! What?! How is that happening? I've been working on a simple birthday celebration for him. Trying to find somewhere fun to take him on his birthday & then having some friends over the next day. Lots of ideas gathered, just have to put them into motion! 

I wasn't ready to completely part with the Christmas lights so I moved some to around the window! It adds just a bit of whimsy to our living room and makes nighttime twinkly. 
Greyson is loving Dexter tons these days! It's adorable to see them lay together. Can't wait until they're a little older and even better buds! 

Greyson's teepee Christmas gift from his Aunt Terra finally for here just after New Years. We set it up & he's been obsessed ever since! He loves sitting in it with his toys, watching the twinkling light & of course, sleeping in it! I think he's slept in it just about every night since we got it. 
He's just looking so old these days & the things he does amaze me. He wants to wear sunglasses around the house & started repeating me saying "I'm cool!" He is a whiz with the alphabet & is starting to repeat phrases, remembering everything! Recent favorites include "that's Gaia!" when looking at a picture of our dog, saying "yaaaay" after he finds picks a letter & announces what it is, and when I asked if he wanted his car repainted like Batman's & his response was "na na na na Batman!" 

And we're finally on the up-swing of some pretty rough times. A few weeks ago we experienced an early pregnancy loss within our little family. We hadn't made it far enough to announce to everyone other than family & a few friends. But we loved our little one already. 
It made the holidays pretty sad & stressful, but we've has a great support system & positive attitudes that have helped us heal a lot more than we could've imagined we would. We still have a little physical & emotional healing yet, but we're sure everything will be better shortly & we will have another chance to add another little one to our family. 
So any positive thoughts you have are more than welcome this way! 
We're also diving into potty training territory tomorrow morning! We are trying the 3 day potty training method that sounds almost too good to be true, but the suggestion of a friend that it worked for has made up hopeful! So wish us luck & I'll be sure to share our experience! 


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. When we made the move from California to Ohio we found out I was expecting again, which was very unexpected. However by time I made it to the appt I found out the pregnancy never progressed. 2 weeks later I had a d & c. It's always a sad thing but just remember it's all in Gods timing and for us that meant meeting Sawyer about a year later. Sending good vibes and prayers your way! <3