Hello 2015

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New Years are the perfect time for a fresh start.

By the end of the year, things get hectic and crazy thanks to the holiday madness and excitement. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything. 

I have never really done resolutions, and this year is no different. For me, it's more about a fresh perspective on things. I don't set out to do anything majorly different than the year before. I know I need to eat better and exercise more. No need to resolve that for myself. 

But i do see a desire to reflect on the previous year, seeing the highlights & refreshing my view of 2015 so that I can start the year with a clear head & positive outlook on what is headed our way. 

Here's a recap of our year in 2014:
We celebrated Greyson's first birthday, twice! 
We hunted for Easter eggs, loved my second Mothers Day, and took Grey bowling for the first time! 
We spent tons of time at the pool & visited the lake. We ventured to Belgium to celebrate our 3 wedding anniversary & explored the cute little town! 
We tried German Eis cream & Greyson found out how deliciously messy s'mores are! And of course spent a fun day loving our favorite daddy! 
We made a trip to the zoo with lots of little friends! And had fun with face painting & fireworks for 4th of July! 
We got our feet dirty at the barefoot path & saw some beautiful castles on the Rhine River! 
We welcomed the fall with bare feet & silly smiles! Grey got his first hot chocolate, which started a very early addiction! We tried our hand at home hair cutting & gave Greyson some new do's! 
We played at the playground about 1,000 times & always had the most fun! We played football & got excited for the start of the NFL season!  
We visited a wine festival & played in the rain! And we went to a pumpkin festival & tried some yummy new foods & wine! We picked out pumpkins & went to the animal farm! 

We dressed up & went trick or treating! 
We made a round trip visit to the states & back to Germany again! We got to see our families, go to our first NFL game & play in both leaves & snow all in the same trip! 
We made Thanksgiving dinner & had some friends over to celebrate the day with lots of yummy foods! 
We transitioned Grey into his big boy bed & he handled it like a champ! 
We had an awesome countdown to Christmas, which included decorating, lots of treats & crafts, and a Christmas market! And of course our crazy Christmas morning, toddler style! 

We rounded out the year with some selfies & fun with friends during a fun, yet chill New Years Eve that we all desperately needed. I got big kisses from both of my boys & couldn't have loved having them by my side to bring in this year! 

2015 is going to be a year full of big changes for us! Greyson turns 2 in just 6 short weeks. We fly back to the states shortly after to move from Germany to Colorado. Greyson will start preschool at some point & I will start grad school to get my Masters degree! And who knows what else is planned for us in the gaps!

So I want to take on 2015 with my only intention to embrace the changes, both positive & challenging, that we will experience! 
I hope everyone has had a great start to 2015 & may it continue for the remainder of the months! 

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  1. I love that pic with the Mohawk in the booster. Too cute. Love the look back at 2014. Good 'resolution' to embrace the changes ahead. Happy new year!