Merry Christmas!

10:34 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Ah I can't believe Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye. So much excitement and buildup for the whole month & the day just seems to fly by. We had a quiet little Christmas morning at home again this year. We ate cinnamon rolls (that I baked in the shape of a Christmas tree), opened our stocking & gifts, and Skyped with family. And of course had a delicious dinner with some good friends to round our a good day! 

Here are some pictures that we captured throughout the day! 
If you can't tell by his face, Greyson was less than excited about opening gifts. I'd say Greg and I opened about 90% of his gifts for him! while the other 10% were done out of coercion. 
The alphabet puzzle and stackable fingers crayons were probably the biggest hit right away. He has since come around & loves just about everything he got, especially the chair! 
Our German landlords are the sweetest. They stopped by Christmas morning with some goodies! We got some sweets, a decorative star & Legos for Grey! 
Christmas really is a magical time when you have kids! I seriously can't wait for next year when Grey is another year older & hopefully more excited in the moment! 
I hope you had an awesome day with friends & family! And we wish you a happy new year!