All I Want For Christmas// Toddler Gift Guide

9:38 AM Amanda Greathouse 2 Comments

So of you're like me, you're a sucker for gift guides! I have a hard time coming up with gifts sometimes, but Greyson's gifts this year just came so easily to me! 

I had a vision of what we wanted to go for and was able to get it all to make for a fun little Christmas for him this year. Here's what Grey will have waiting under the tree this year from Mom, Dad & Santa! 

Toddler Table - I've seen tons of bloggers with this & all have great reviews. I completely understand! It's such a cute little table & sturdy! Plus you can't beat the price! We plan to stain it some and have it put together all ready for Christmas morning

Alphabet Puzzle - This puzzle is seriously adorable! I love how chunky the pieces are and easy for little hands to manipulate while learning how to do puzzles! Plus, learning the alphabet is always fun & good! Grey knows about half of the alphabet so I'm sure this will be a fun way for him to play & learn the rest

Stackable Finger Crayons - how fun, right? Perfect for little fingers and budding artists. Not to mention the stacking ability can help with fine motor skills! Grey is starting to get into scribbling & such so I'm sure these will get used a bunch

Wooden Toy Camera - I cannot say how much I love this little camera! It's lens turns as does the knob on top and the shutter button is spring loaded, providing tons of pretend picture taking! Grey lives to copy us & has a huge fascination with my camera so I can't wait until he has his own to play with. Plus, the mom who makes it is super nice & a fellow USAF wife! Can't help but love helping those WAHM that work so hard

Red Converse - these were my husbands idea! He saw them & got crazy excited because he loves red shoes, so naturally Grey needed some! We got them in a size bigger than his biggest shoes so he has them for when he grows out of the others. We've even picked up a few outfits here and there that we've seen on sale. He's going to be stylin'

Ikea Kid's Chair - toddler furniture is the cutest! Grey is obsessed with tiny furniture & likes to sit on anything & everything. So when we stumbled upon this chair while searching for the table amongst the Ikea awesomeness, we couldn't pass it up! I like that it's neutral so it can go with any decor & is big enough that it should last him awhile still. Plus, the wood is the same unfinished wood as the table so we can stain them to match! 

I cannot wait to play Santa this year with my husband. I'm sure Grey will be too curious to leave gifts under the tree & I really think Christmas morning will be magical if he wakes up to a tree loaded with gifts. So we aren't putting anything under our tree until the big night, even those sent from family! I just hope his face lights up with amazement like I can imagine in my head! 

He has tons of toys that sing songs & such, so we steered clear of those this year. He still plays with the ones he got last Christmas & for his birthday. So pretend play toys & things to spark his imagination were our goal items! 

What is on your toddler's Christmas wishlists this year? Any cool finds?!


  1. ooh Aria just got the alphabet puzzle, but the one by Hape which by the way is a bit cheaper and super nice. I never thought I'd think a puzzle was so adorable. ha, we have the regular version of that ikea chair. Picked it up rummage sale hopping for the nursery chair. No complaints here. And, we have the finger crayons! I actually haven't pulled them out in a while bc Aria hadn't much cared for colouring, but that was a while ago. I should find some Christmas printables and see if she wants to colour now. Two thumbs up on your list over here!

    1. We already bought the puzzle, but I did manage to get it on sale on Amazon a few months ago so it was barely more expensive & free shipping with the crayons! :) and thanks!