Our Thanksgiving

4:09 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Happy December 1st! I cannot believe it's already December! Thanksgiving came and went in what seems like the blink of an eye! 

We hosted our first Thanksgiving at our house this year. Usually we go to friends' houses or even tag along to people who we don't know's houses. But I've always wanted to have people over so finally went for it this year! We had some friends & the one family's kids over for dinner & fun! 

Our tiny German oven doesn't allow much to be baked at once. So I decided to make some dessert the night before. Mini salted caramel chocolate chip cheesecakes. Yes! They're even more delicious than they sound! They were super easy to make and honestly would've been even easier had I remembered cupcake liners to bake them in. 

Mr. Greyson got upset at one point & wanted me to hold him, right smack in the middle of filling the pan. So he got to sit on the counter with me & "help!" He watched me for a bit then grabbed the spatula when I'd set it down for a second & started copying me, trying to get the cheesecake mix into the pan. It was adorable! 

Along with our first time hosting came our first time making the turkey! I was super excited and even more nervous since it's the star of Thanksgiving dinner. I did lots of reading of recipes and techniques & consulted my mom. We ended up going simple with just some butter with salt, pepper, basil & oregano. We thought it turned out well & happily, so did the guests! It was a smaller turkey since there weren't many of us, but we still ended up with plenty of leftovers! Yum! 

I mentioned a holiday sangria I'd been wanting to try, so I went for it! Apples, cranberries & clementines in sparking apple cider & moscato. It was delicious! I will definitely make it again! 

Growing up we had a tradition of watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation after Thanksgiving dinner. Sort of our way of kicking off Christmas season! So I've continued it every year, despite being super far from family. It's definitely a Christmas favorite of mine! 

And wasting no time, we pulled out the tree on Friday to get the house into the spirit of Christmas! We skipped the normal Black Friday since honestly, the BX isn't exciting like the stateside stores & the deals aren't really awesome. Instead, we went to Ikea for our first time since moving here (I know, I know, we're way behind) to try to finish up our last bit of shopping for Grey. The table we want was out but found a cure little chair we know he'll love! 

Sorry for being so quiet! Our internet had been downright crazy but should be better now! Have tons of a Christmas stuff to get up so soon! 

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving & your December is off to the great start!