It's the Little Things // Greyon's 1st Baseball Game

3:04 PM Amanda Greathouse 2 Comments

Last Friday we went to our first baseball game in Colorado & Greyon's first game ever!
The Sky Sox are the new AAA team for the Milwakee Brewers & their home is right here in Colorado Springs. My husband's work set up a night for their unit at the game this past Friday so we bundled up and headed out for the game! 
It was unexpectedly cold, so luckily we grabbed a blanket on our way out the door just in case! It was pretty windy in the stadium so the extra layers were definitely useful. We had our seats in the picnic area at an area of tables with some buffet food that had all you can eat stadium food included! Mr. Greyson of course decided he didn't want a hotdog so he had chips & a cookie! So nutritious, but once in almost meant we decided it was okay for a change! 
We snuggled up under the blaket as much as possible! And the little monster kept stealing my pink lemonade! We finally managed to get him to keep the wind breaker jacket on for extra warmth andhe was most interested in walking up & down the stadium steps and saying hi to randoms that watching the game! 
Because of the cold and how late the Friday night game was, we decided to head out early. Greyson was just getting cranky and we didn't want him out in the cold too long since he hadn't been feeling 100%! I was kind of bummed since they have fireworks on Friday nights, but it was for the best to get Grey home & in bed! 
It was a fun night, even with the cold! I think we are going to try going again when the nights are warmer and Greyson is able to handle being up a little later. With his growing interest in balls and learning to throw them, I'm sure he'll be into watching the game itself in no time! 


  1. Yay for first ball games! I remember when we took our first born to her first game at 4 months old. Everyone took turns passing her around haha.

  2. Oh yes, I've missed many a firework for an early kiddie bedtime…. Our time to stay up late will come again :-)