Sweet & Simple Sunday

10:06 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

We set out to have a quiet relaxing weekend. It was somewhat successful! 
Greyson & I spent our last day as a stay at home duo cuddling with some pjs and Modern Family per his request. We played outside in the chilly morning and unpacked the rest of our stuff that got delivered, including my beloved Keurig! 
Saturday we set out to do some running around & ended up hanging out at a car dealership for awhile looking into a car to trade ours being shipped in for & my husband ended up getting a VW Golf GTI. Of course there was coffee & upside down sunglasses shenanigans the whole time. 
We capped off our night with some pizza at home. Nothing beats the simple night like that! Of course there might have been margaritas too... 
I ended up putting some of our patio furniture together, what wasn't broken by the movers along with half of our other things. We have some DIY things in mind for the new future & picked out the stain we plan to use! 
Of course Greyson doesn't understand we sleep in on the weekends, so we got a bright & early 6 am wake-up from the messy haired monster! We decided to head to ToysRUs to use Greys birthday gift cards for some goodies & got a pretty good family selfie out of it! Greyson is his fathers son & was obsessed with the cars at the store, demanding to play with them & loved sitting in them. Can't wait until he is old enough to be able to drive one. 

It was such a good weekend with my little family. Tomorrow starts Greyson going to daycare and I'm sure I'm going to be a mess! Lots of changes heading our way that thing will be crazy and yet I can't wait to see how it turns out!