Greyson's First Day of School

10:09 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

I say school, but it was really day care. But doesn't school just sound so much better? 

With my grad school starting soon and the job hunt starting, we needed Greyson to start going to day care. It took a couple of weeks for him to get a spot, but it really wasn't a terrible wait. And his spot is at the base child care that we were hoping for, which is closest to our house and most on the way to Gregs work and my school. 
He was up bright and early yesterday morning, ready to go although he had no idea what we meant when we kept saying he was going to school. He knew he got to have his backpack & go back to the room with lots of toys. He did try to bring his new play microwave that he is oddly obsessed with along, but it had to stay in the car. Nice try! 
His drop off went better than expected on his part. He got in the room & went straight for the toys. We got his stuff all stored in his cubby & helped him wash his hands. He barely had a desire to say goodbye to us, probably because he didn't understand we would be leaving. 

I, on the other hand, managed to keep it together until we got outside & lost it. I knew I'd be sad, but man did it hit me hard. I know why he is going there & all the good that will come from it, but I was crazy sad to leave him there, knowing I wouldn't see him all day. But I kept my focus, went to the gym alone which has only happened like once since he was born, and got some errands done. 

I was so excited when it was time to go pick him up & honestly was surprised I managed to wait until 4 pm to get him! He was happy to see me when I walked in! His teachers said he did really well for his first day, especially for a kid who has never been in child care before. We had a special ice cream treat after dinner since he did so well for his first day at school!
His second day was a little rough when it was time to drop him off, but he did even better today & was so excited when I got there. He spotted me across the outside play area & screamed "mommy!" and the first thing he asked about were his sunglasses! It was fun to watch him play for a few minutes outside with a couple of the kids. And a long day of school calls for a yummy yogurt snack with a nice messy face! 
I can't wait to see all the changes and growing he does from getting to interact with so many kids his age all day.