Our Pitstop in Ohio

3:24 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Oh boy have I taken a long, semi-unintentional break from blogging! Our move was exhausting, time consuming and stressful on the tiny human. His little schedule was upside down & jet lag hit us oddly harder this time than any of our flights back to the states. 

Of course there was a bunch of snow upon our arrival & even more in the first few days. So we got bundled up & ran around making snowballs! Greyson liked the snow & the hot chocolate to warm up even more! 
When Grey wasn't having a bad time, he was pretty freaking adorable! We got to explore a ton & everything became a phone. 
I got some mommy time & went to a place called All Fired Up with my mom. We got to drink wine, have some snacks & paint ceramics that were fired over the next week for us. My mom made a cute owl & I made a coffee mug that I may have used everyday since! 
And since we got rid of a car when we left Germany, we leased a new Nissan Rogue! It's so pretty & comfy. We realized we need something bigger for Grey & the dogs, which ended up being a great choice! 
And no visit is complete without a birthday party or two! Our parents had a party for Greyson at an indoor play zone with so much to climb on & slide down. He was in serious heaven and I don't think he stopped moving the whole time! And there was a visit from Elsa, who we got a picture with but he was much more interested in his new phone toy than anything else. 
So all in all, it was a fun visit with our families. We managed to keep it fairly low-key and as on track as possible. Excited to share more from our crazy trip & our time settling into the new place we call home.