Durkheimer Wurstmarkt

8:50 AM Amanda Greathouse 6 Comments

This past weekend we visited the Wurstmarkt in Bad Durkeim. While it's really a sausage festival, it's known mostly for being the largest wine festival!
We've lived here in Germany for 2 1/2 years now & have never been to the festival! So we made the decision that we had to check it out for real before we move back to the states in March.

It was kind of a gloomy day, so we got spritzed on most of the afternoon before the full on rain started pouring down! Nonetheless, it was a fun time!

Miles & miles of vineyards... yes!

 There were rides & tons of food! I forgot to snag a picture of the tents, but there were rows upon rows of tents for people to sit & tons of wine vendors! Anywhere you went, there was likely a wine vendor within feet of you! And I don't think we saw any food that didn't look delicious!

My glass of wine! 0.5 liters of wine, which is about 2/3 of a bottle! Delicious!
The Nutella crepes were delicious obviously! We got a little bit that Greyson didn't scarf down! 

We finally found a spot for our big group in one of the big tents. There was live music playing, more food & of course wine! We got in just in time too since it started raining like crazy not long after & everyone packed inside to stay dry! 
This guy was wasted & dancing on the bench with the little girl! It was funny & cute!

 We tried to keep Grey out of the rain for such a long time, since we didn't want him soaked while out & about. But we finally gave in as we neared the time we were planning to leave. He had a blast!

It was such a fun experience! Kind of sad we didn't get the chance to go the last 2 years. But it is something we will remember!

And it was the perfect ending to our summer! We even woke up Monday with way cooler weather. Guess the weather got the memo that it's FALL now! Bring on more sweaters, boots, crunchy leaves & pumpkin everything!


  1. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful there! What a fun festival! Mia would be in heaven running around in the rain and jumping in the puddles as well :)

    1. I will definitely miss the scenery here when we leave! And oh yes the puddles were the hit of the day! He was drawn to every one so I'm sure she would love it too! So fun! I may have joined him for a bit... ;)

  2. haha full velociraptor! Puddling jumping is the best. As are huge glasses of wine!!! I'm glad you guys made it before you left Germany.

    1. Puddles are awesome! I may have killed my favorite pair of boots playing with him for a few minutes! Ugh!
      Definitely glad we went before we leave. And huge glasses of wine are the way to go! ;) the awesome thing is you give the vendor a deposit for the glass & get it back when you return the glass to one, but if you don't return it, you essentially bought it! We kept ours as fun keepsakes!

  3. What a fun time! My little Liam would go crazy for some nutella crepes...and now I'm craving them too!

    1. Oh he ate almost the whole thing himself! It was delicious! You should definitely have some! ;)