19 Months

11:07 AM Amanda Greathouse 2 Comments

So Greyson is 19 months old now! 

His personality is just starting to grow by leaps & bounds! He is independent, smart, talkative and friendly. He knows what he wants [or doesn't]& isn't afraid to let us know. 

He loves making this face all of a sudden! It is beyond me where it came from but it is funny as can be! He mostly does it when he wants me to read to him. He likes to take a book & flip through it to random pages, in no resemblance of an order, & have me read them to him.

Example A: 

And B! haha 

His favorite book the last week or so is his Wizard of Oz ABCs, but he really only wants me to read the S & T page over, & over, & over... But on the plus side, he knows the letter T now! He picked it out of the magnet letters on our fridge the other day! 

He is acting so grown up & silly! Like how he drinks his milk like this!

Or makes silly faces when I say, "Hey! take a picture with me!"

He just loves to play outside & run around, causing chaos! Though he's crazy cute doing so! 

He's getting as excited as I am for the upcoming festivities of Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... I could go on & on, but you get my point!

Keep an eye out for a glimpse into our little slice of life & my plans to teach Greyson some fun things!


  1. hhaha, I love the book face! Looks like a cross between Aria's sniff face and her fake smile. Love the Wizard of Oz Abc book, my friend would adore that I might have to go hunt it down! Looks like a very tiring way to drink milk to me! Happy 19 months! Love that baby blues.

    1. It's sort of a fake smile too! ;) The milk this is him being crazy! Promise he doesn't drink like that alll the time.. Ha
      And it's a cute book! It's a series, with ABCs, numbers, colors & shapes! We have 3/4 and Grey loves them.