5 Tips for Cutting Your Toddlers Hair at Home

8:52 AM Amanda Greathouse 3 Comments

Salons & barbers here are just more expensive than it seems reasonable to pay for a toddler's haircut.  So we decided to cut Greyson's hair again by ourselves at home. 

We did it once before back in May & it went well so we figured we'd give it a whirl again. It was a bit different since Grey is 4 months older & much more vocal.

Here are some things we've found that helped us both times, but especially this second time, to give Greyson a haircut with only a bit of crazy! 


Have everything ready to go before starting. This seems like common sense, but it helps so much. We didn't prepare the first time completely, but remembered for this time. Having everything ready helps cut down on time it takes to get the job done, because eventually the toddler will get antsy! 


Booster seat! We moved his chair with booster seat into our living room where there is more room to work. We used it mostly because we could strap him in to keep him stationary, since I'm positive he would definitely run away! 


Snacks & favorite cup. An easy way to help occupy a toddlers hands & attention is to fill their hands with a snack & cup. We started this adventure right after naptime, which is when he usually gets a snack, so it worked out great. He was very interested in it & they helped keep him calm for a good bit of the time.


Put on a movie. A sure fire way to distract Greyson is to put on one of his favorite movies. Straight up zombie mode! Keeping the volume up helped because he didn't like the sound of the clippers at all. The areas around his ears were the most difficult because the buzz was much louder right there. 


Hugs & praise! Like any toddler, Grey loves knowing he's doing a great job with anything. Getting so excited when he would sit nicely made him very happy & made it last a little longer. And sometimes he just wasn't happy about a spot we were working on, like by his ears, so he got some mommy hugs while daddy kept going.

By no means are either of us trained to cut hair. The best we have is my husband who has to get hair cuts every 2 weeks or so thanks to the military. So we just tried to emulate what the barbers do when cutting his hair. 

It's not perfect by any means. But he is definitely a cutie! And no, the goal wasn't a mohawk, just a happy coincidence. ;) 

He definitely looks so much older now! It's kinda crazy! I'm a little sad because I liked his longer hair, mostly because of the epic bed head he always had, but he is a stud & love this just as much.

Hopefully our trial & error will help others in their adventures to cut their own toddlers' hair! 

Have you tried this before & have more tips to share? 


  1. This so great!! Cam just turned 2, and I hate paying $25 every month to get his hair cute!! We may be trying this at home tomorrow. ;)

    1. Right?! Why are haircuts so expensive, especially for the littlest ones with less hair! Plus with my husband being military, he gets his cut every 2 weeks or less! Good luck dear! :) Hopefully it goes well for you! Definitely let me know if any of the tricks help!

  2. hahaha he does not look so happy in that first booster seat pic. But wow I'm super impressed with the hair cutting skillz. I have zero of those. I tried to do Chris' hair a couple times, but ended up having to just buzz it. At least the buzz looks just fine!