31 Days of Halloween// Week Three

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We've rounded out week three of our countdown to Halloween! I've really been having fun coming up with things for Greyson to do or us to eat! Adding the extra festiveness into everyday is my favorite! Finally putting all those ideas from Pinterest to good use that I've been hoarding forever! 

We scored Hotel Transylvania for Grey on Bluray last week! He was doing great while we were at the store & decided to pick up this little treat for him! It's such a cute movie & he really likes it! We've watched it a few times now.

Of course making food shaped like pumpkins is easy! And I couldn't resist with our Pumpkin Spice pancakes! They were delicious! And no recipe as they were from a box [*gasp!]

I've been wanting pumpkin spice coffee so badly lately & our commissary hasn't gotten the liquid creamer, still! So I broke down, did some research & made my own! Check out the recipe here

Last week I grabbed a small pumpkin [probably a ghord honestly, but toddlers don't know the difference] & set Greyson up to paint it! 

Of course he was interested for a whopping 2 minutes before he decided he wanted to do things like this instead... 

I eventually got him to let me help him paint it some! It's a crazy colorful mess but it's a cute little decoration for our kitchen! 

Oh and I loved my chalkboard art so much I decided to make it into a canvas too! I love how it turned out! It's a perfect little addition to our living room & now I can keep it around for a long time! 

And what countdown to Halloween is complete without a little superhero dress-up? None! Greyson had some silly times running around like Superman! 

I've had making playdough on my To-Do list for awhile now & finally got the motivation to do it! I used the recipe shared on Meet the Sulivans! Pumpkin spice playdough! Not only was it super easy to make, it smells delicious! And I was able to rope Greyson into helping me! Ours turned out a little on the firm side since Greyson decided to take it upon himself to add an 1/8 cup extra of flour! After working it a bunch, it's very soft & fun to play with! 

I made our playdough balls into 4 colors - natural [no coloring], red, orange & yellow. Perfect fall colors! Everyone's favorite pumpkin cup & Grey's Bearista even hung around for some playdough action! 

After procrastinating forever & not loving the selection of costumes here, Greg convinced me to make Greyson a ghost for Halloween! It is simple, cheap & he loves to run around saying "BOO!" so it just seems perfect. Started working out the logistics of how to piece it all together & we have a prototype! 

And we got a sneak peak of the pumpkin patch & took a tractor ride with farm tour over the weekend. It was a blast!

Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait for the extra festivities that are on the horizon with Halloween just 10 days away! Bring on the BOOs! 

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  1. Yum! Thanks for the creamer recipe!

  2. I love that him and the pup are sitting on the couch watching the movie together! So cuddly.
    Pumpkin shaped pumpkin pancakes! That has festive just flying out of it!
    I love all the pumpkin painting, and that canvas and chalk are amazing. I'm jealous of your writing skills. Looks fabulous.
    Superman! So cute. I've still got pumpkin-y playdough on my to do list. Maybe we'll get around to it...
    Thanks so much for linking up again this week!! Happy 10 Days until Halloween =)

    1. Ha yeah they're like 2 peas in a pod! Grey is obsessed with Dexter. It's adorable & his little heart breaks if he doesn't want to give him kisses!
      The pumpkin painting was fun even if it didn't end up going the way I imagined! But, does it ever with toddlers? And thanks! I love making them & have been practicing a ton. Wish I could sell them honestly!
      And you should totally try the play-doh! It was super easy to make!

  3. So many fun crafts! And I love your son's costume so far! My daughter also wanted to be a ghost and I'm having a hard time figuring out the logistics of it. I have gotten myself in WAY over my head with tulle. My daughter might end up as a cloud for Halloween!

    1. Thanks! I couldn't figure it out until a friend suggested I use a pillowcase! Small enough for his tiny body! And I don't have tulle, not to mention I worry it would look silly on a boy! I may just change my mind on his costume yet! Anything can happen in the next week! ;)

  4. So many awesome Halloween things here! Pumpking painting is the best - toddler attention is the worst always. Yay for homemade playdough. SO fun. We haven't done that since last year and we need to again. Thanks for linking up with us again!

    1. Nothing rarely goes as I imagine with a toddler! Keeps like interesting I suppose! ;)
      And definitely try the play-doh! It's so much fun & super easy!