It's the Little Things// Sunday Football

8:52 AM Amanda Greathouse 2 Comments

Sundays are for football in our house! 
We wear orange & brown, make yummy fall dinner & watch some games! Of course we're 6 hours behind EST so the mid-day games don't even start until 7PM here. But that doesn't stop us! 

Greyson still fits into his jersey from last fall, although it's basically skin tight! We plan to buy him a new one when we're stateside for our next visit! 

Greyson wanted to help me set my lineup for my fantasy football league! His help is obviously why I have won a decent amount! I've been having fun playing this year with a bunch of sorority sisters/friends! I enjoy watching the games even more & only sometimes have heartattacks because my players do something crazy! 

 Greyson likes to watch football too! But it doesn't hold his attention too long so this happens.. 

He was "working" on his scooter! Aka just kept flipping it over, inspecting it, spinning the wheels, & back over it goes! 

 This is what life looks like when you're a Browns fan..
Kidding. Well it's usually true but this was because someone got hurt. We still won & beat the life out of the Steelers! Bout time! 
 Even the dogs join in on the fun! 

Yay winning! 

Even though the Browns don't always usually win, we still have fun watching! Can't wait until we're back in the states & can watch during the day & have football parties! Those are the best! 

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  1. I love every photo of him with that pumpkin cup! and yay for family football nights! Looks so fun!

    1. We love the cup as well! Just wish I'd grabbed 2 when I got it! I have to wash it so often because he wants to use it allll the time! ;)