Countdown to Halloween// Week Four

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Ah am a little behind on getting this written! The last week & a half were a little rough with me not feeling up to doing much & daddy was gone for like 4 days. 

I did, however, manage to keep up with some of my planned Halloween fun! 

We made some Halloween cards for some lucky people! Greyson ghost footprint cards! Perfect little craft for mommy & toddler. He was weirded out with the paint on his foot at first, then he just laughed when I had to add more. 

Thanks to my husband's lovely cousin, we got to enjoy some delicious Pumpkin Spice Oreos! They made such a good treat for all of us, especially cookie monster Greyson! 
And of course he's worn his skeleton hoodie almost everyday this week, which meant lots of laundry for mommy to make that happen! 

 I wasn't loving the outcome of Grey's ghost costume DIY that I was attempting. It just didn't come out like I imagined. Plus, it would require painting his face & if 4th of July was any indication of how he would do, I was sure he'd flip out on me for trying. 
So I found someone selling his cute little dino costume last minute! Plus I bet it will be warmer than the ghost would've ended up. He is a pretty darn cute Grey-asaurus Rex! 

 While daddy was away, we visited the pumpkin patch! We got a small pumpkin to carve, which, of course, is still sitting on the table uncarved.. But I wanted daddy to get to help so we plan to do it tomorrow afternoon! 

 We had a small playdate the other day for one last bit of fun for awhile since a dear friend & her family just left to move back stateside. I made some Halloween treats to take & share plus made little goodie bags for my friend's kids who were traveling & would be missing a lot of Halloween fun. 

 On the Menu: 
Monster Mash [aka puppy chow]
Ghost Pretzels

Greyson played the part of quality control with the ghost pretzels. The goal was for him to help, but he just wanted to steal pretzels & mini chocolate chips. 

Ah so many treats, so much fun! Can't wait for the extra bit of fun we have going on the rest of the week to round out our Halloween festivities! 

 Join the fun here:

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  1. The dino! I'm partial to the dino costumes! Aria was technically a dragon last year, but same family really.
    Love your snacks and ghost feet!! Cute that he laughed about his feet being painted.