Countdown to Halloween// Trick or Treat 2014

9:25 AM Amanda Greathouse 3 Comments

 Happy Halloween everyone! 

We finished off our festive month with some super fun food! Breakfast we enjoyed some pumpkin shaped toast with BOO-nanas! Greyson was pretty thrilled when he realized he got to have some mini chocolate chips at breakfast! 

 And lunch was "pumpkin" clementines & bloody eyeballs, aka meatballs with marinara sauce.

I thought it would be fun to try out my back-up costume idea for Greyson, which was Clark Kent! He was so cute running around all day dressed as a little superhero in disguise. Tried to give him some old sunglasses with the lenses removed to wear around & he wasn't having any part of it! Ha

Ah he's such a little ham! Love him! 

So we had 2 nights of Trick or Treating fun planned this year. My husband's work had a Halloween & Trick or Treat event on Thursday for all of the wing members & their families. The kids got to dress up in their costumes & go to the offices, which were decked out in spooky things, in the building to trick or treat. There was a bouncy house & build your own rice crispy "pumpkins" and lots of appetizers & desserts for everyone. We had a good time hanging with other families & Greyson loved getting lots of candy!

 I even got a little festive myself & dressed up as a kitty! Greyson was a little confused when I got him up from his nap with the face already drawn on & may have tried to grab the whiskers! 

And then on Halloween we dressed up & ventured out to do some trick or treating on one of the base housing areas. We met up with some friends & walked around for about an hour. Greyson got tons of candy & everyone thought he was super cute! My efforts to get him to say "trick or treat" or "thank you" to anyone failed, but he was too cute for anyone to pass his bucket up! 

 Anytime he would get a new piece of candy, he would immediately grab it out of the bucket, inspect it & want to carry it around. 

 All in all, Halloween was so much fun this year! I know he will just love it next year when he is another year older & understands what's going on! 

And I thought it would be fun, since I came across them today, to share some pictures of Greyson from Halloween 2013! He was a tiny little 8.5 month old! Ah memories! 

Happy Monday everyone! Now time to break out the Christmas music & holiday planning! I have so much fun in store I can hardly contain my excitement! 


  1. Love the dinosaur costume! I'm partial to Clark Kent though. ;) Two days of trick or treating? Holy candy overload! Thank you so much for linking up with us this past month! I've loved seeing the festivities you've shared!

  2. Love Clark Kent AND the Dino AND the lion from last year! All the cutes. Bloody eyeballs haha, we had meatballs but I didn't even think of calling them a fun name.
    Thanks so much for linking up one last time! Happy November =)

  3. So many cute costumes in this post! Love em all! And same here with my son having to take out each candy as he got it to inspect it. By the time we got home all the chocolate (aka, the good stuff) was melty and mushed up :(