Trip Preparations

8:07 AM Amanda Greathouse 2 Comments

We're knee deep in To-Do lists, suitcases & anxiety! 

In just a couple of days we will be making our next trip back to the states to visit with family & friends before we finish out our last few months in Germany & move to Colorado! This will be our first trip back together since last year & the first one with a true toddler! So needless to say, it shall be interesting! 

Hoping that plenty of planning & our previous experience will make this trip easier & go as smoothly as possible. To-Do and Packing lists have been started & I seem to find something new to add to each everytime I walk past the fridge. Most are common sense but I am such a list person & it makes me feel better to cross it off & visually see on paper that it's done! 

Greyson decided to pull out his blankets while I was folding his laundry in attempts to get it all ready to be packed. He is crazy for his blankets, it's so adorable. He's always loved them. 

And of course the inevitable pile of suitcases & carry-on bags has begun to accumulate. They're locked & loaded & ready to be packed! 

 Greyson is such an experienced little traveler already! He has been to the states & back twice now, with another flight during one from Cleveland to BWI. He has even endured 3 car rides between Baltimore & Ohio and a long trip from Germany to Normandy. 

In lieu of our upcoming trip, here are some pictures of our cute little traveler! 

Stay tuned for some of our tips for making your international trip & long car ride that follows with your toddler easier! And of course all the fun we will be having while on our trip! 


  1. That's so exciting you're moving to Colorado! Have you ever lived here before? I'll admit that I'm 100% biased but it's definitely the most beautiful/ best state in the US! ;) Where in CO are you moving to?

  2. Oh, have a fun trip! I went to university in CO. Great place to live. Is the pup going with you? Or being pup-sat? And I love the tiny traveler throwbacks! The cape, haha.