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Ah Friday at last! 

It doesn't really feel like Friday around here since I've had Greg home for just over 2 weeks now. But nonetheless, it's almost the weekend & that's the best time to share some of my favorites of this week! 

Ah so delicious sounding! With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I've been searching for a delicious adult beverage to make for the day. And I think this might just be the one! I am seriously excited just looking at the picture! Yum!

My mother-in-law bought these & she didn't love how they fit & she knows I like leggings so she gave them to me. Man are they comfy! They are thicker than the other pairs I have so they keep me nice & warm. Plus, they're ankle-length so I can wear them with my boots without a gap! 

I've had my eye on some camp socks for awhile! I have heard tons about how comfy they are & these are just cute! They would be perfect with my leggings or to wear with some boots for a little extra warmth! 

I have a serious addiction to coffee & coffee mugs. I never feel like I can have enough of either. And during our trip I found the Starbucks' new cup line & they are so cute! I like the red cup since it's like having a holiday cup at home that I can use forever. But there are about 20 others I love to! Your coffee mug is seriously like an accessory. Definitely on my wishlist this year!

I just love how much Greyson loves animals, especially our dogs! He is always so happy to see them in the morning & he can frequently be found cuddling one of them. And of course coercing them into tons of kisses! 

There ya have it! Hope everyone has a great weekend full of fun & laughter! 

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  1. That sangria look delicious! I'd love to make it myself, but it will probably have to wait till next year since we aren't doing Thanksgiving at our house. Plus there's the fact that I'm pregnant so I wouldn't be able to enjoy it even if I made some!

    And I actually bought my husband hiking socks like that a few years ago for Valentine's day, and they're one of his favorites. Basically fuzzy socks that aren't too girly!