Sunshine Pumpkin Farm// Tractor Ride & Tour

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As part of our ongoing fall & Halloween fun, we made a trip to the Sunshine Pumpkin Farm! 

It was a beautiful Saturday & perfect for an outdoor adventure! We had planned to do both the pumpkin patch & tractor ride/farm tour. But since we were visiting in the middle of naptime & the field was a big mud pit, we decided to just put off the pumpkin patch portion until the next weekend!

Daddy was carrying Grey & he kept demanding "up!" so Greg would hold him high in the air like he was flying! He was having such a blast & it was only the walk from the car! 

We met up with some friends while we were there! Grey was super interested in the other kids for a change! 

Greyson recently decided he is obsessed with his sunglasses, which makes me incredibly excited! Weird thing to love, but I'm obsessed with fun shades & couldn't wait until he was too! He looks so cute in them so it makes sense! 
What we thought was a hayride, was really just riding in the back of an enclosed trailer on a tractor! It was bumpy, but the farm was just down the road so it was pretty neat! 

Once we got to the farm, our group was given a small tour of the farm! We got to see most of the animals & the kids were allowed to pet most of them! Greyson was pretty timid around most of them, not wanting to touch most, but loved to look at them & make faces at them. So cute! 

We got to see baby cows, dairy cows, mating bulls, ponies, chickens, & pigs! Greyson only agreed to touch the ponies! He chased the chickens around, even though we were told to not have the kids chase them! Oops! And a pig bit my kneecap while we were checking him out!

We finished our visit off with a piece of walnut pumpkin cake with chocolate on top! We got one to split between the 3 of us & Grey totally bogarted basically the entire piece! And some hot apple cider which wasn't cool enough for him to drink until we were finished! But Grey holding that little cup? Swoon!

There is the first part of our visit! We plan to go back this weekend to grab a few pumpkins! 
Hope your week is off to a great start! Happy Monday! 

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  1. The baby cows!!! Aria loves animals, and giving them hugs. And, the sunnies are so cute on kids. I wish Aria would keep hers on.