Sunshine Pumpkin Farm// Pumpkin Patch

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Ah the weekend is wrapping on up! Soon it will be Monday & everyone will be back in the grind of things. 

Daddy had to work today & will be gone for a few days. I hate when he has to be away & always try to find fun things to occupy our time to make it go by faster. I had debated not going back to the pumpkin farm after the mud craziness that was last weekend. Plus it was kinda gloomy this morning & seemed as though rain was impending. 

 I decided to suck it up & go anyways & so glad we did! It was a short trip, but oh so fun! Greyson was loving the field of pumpkins! 

He was excited & confused all at once! He didn't understand what we were doing, but soon caught on & decided running around the pumpkin patch was a blast! 

He fell a few times & got good & muddy! He was taken aback when he would get mud on his hands. He didn't know what to do. I had to reassure him that it would be okay & quickly wipe it off! 

He found this giant pumpkin & just wanted to lay on it! It was so funny! 

We found this little pumpkin to buy & take home to carve! It isn't perfect by any means, but it's the cutest little toddler-sized pumpkin! Can't wait to have him help scoop it out! 

And of course he needed to step on a few.. 

It was such a fun little trip for us! I wish daddy had been able to go with us. I foresee many years of pumpkin patch visits ahead of us! Now on to finish up the last few days of October & ring in Halloween with a bang! 

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  1. confused and excited - that seems to sum up toddlerdom pretty well I'd say! I'm looking forward to carving our pumpkin this week too.