Sweet & Simple Sunday

10:38 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

We had a fairly productive weekend over here! 
We got some shopping done for house stuff and summer clothes, and managed to sort through some clothes. Each day we seem to inch closer and closer to having everything unpacked & in its place. 
We stopped at Old Navy & Greyson decided to become the door greeter, saying "Hi!" to every person who walked in the doors. Then he decided to try to nap with sunglasses on, which of course resulted in no naps! 
And no naps lead to hanging with dad & passing out on his legs! It was really funny to watch him slip into sleep! 
Our Sunday adventures started with a trip to Ikea! I'm crazy excited that there's one just an hour away and have been itching to make a drive up there since we moved into our house. I'm using the move as an opportunity to spice up Greyson's room since it was still filled with his baby stuff in Germany. I have found tons of ideas of fun toddler room stuff on Pinterest & so excited to DIY some good stuff. 
It was a fun trip and I went crazy just wanting to buy all the stuff! We are scouting out new beds to get Greyson something bigger soon & he took it upon himself to "sleep" on all the beds! 
He finally got to wear my hat he'd been begging to wear all day and was so adorable with my giant hat! Grey was such a good helper while I assembled all of the goodies we picked up for him. And tiny person furniture assembly calls for pink lemonade wine spritzers! 
We capped off our day with a neighborhood walk & cruising down the driveway in his little car, which he is insanely obsessed with! He even tried to hop into one at a neighbors house, who we had juuuust met. 
We gave Greyson a new do as well! His hair was getting pretty out of control, not surprising considering the last haircut was a disaster. Plus with the warm weather coming up, a short, spikey style was in need! I must say it looks pretty good for some amateur barbers! 
Such a fun little weekend we had over here! It's fun how much more fun we are have now that Greyson is getting older and more independent! 

Happy Monday everyone!