It's The Little Things//Cinco de Mayo!

2:59 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

We had a very rainy Cinco de Mayo over here! Like flash flood warnings amounts of rain! 
It spoiled any hopes of mine of a festive outdoor Mexican-filled dinner. So we went for a low key indoor night.

Greyson got a little felt burrito play toy & it was a fun day to show him how to assemble yummy burritos! He stuffed all the pieces in & pretended to eat it! Clearly he was hungry & craving delicious Mexican food! 
Obviously cinco de mayo calls for margaritas! And Greyson always thinks my margarita is juice & wants some, I decided to make him his own! I added some ice, orange juice and a splash of strawberry mix in the blender for a smoothie/virgin margarita! 
And when begins daddy for some, he eventually conceded and drank his own! He felt like such a big boy getting his own fancy drink! Special little treats always make his day! 
It was such a cute Mexican food and margarita-filled days! Ah I sort of wish cinco de mayo happened more than once a year!