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We've been in our house now for almost 4 weeks and things are finally starting to look settled! The downstairs is the most in place these days, with the exception of most decorations. 
We have so much cupboard space in our new house so I can have stuff on the counters without it feeling completely over crowded. I keep shifting things around, but I'd say the kitchen it pretty close to good! It'll get some spice soon! 
Our dining room table is finally being used now that Greyson agrees to sit at it with us (occasionally). A small try with a candle warmer & nature-y filled vase, and even a small chalkboard that fun little things can be added to. 
And of course my house wouldn't be complete without a coffee bar! It's far from complete or even situated like I imagine, but it's functional & right now, that's what matters! Both the table and coffee bar are second hand and the person we got them from painted them - like regular paint with a rolling brush paint. So we have plans to give them a matching makeover soon! 
Our downstairs area is bright & open - exactly what we were hoping for. We are loving having carpet compared to our all wood, tile floors that were hard & cold. I am trying to figure out a coffee table for this space and we are contemplating replacing the brown couch with a sectional, hopefully matching the blue couch a little more. And of course I am planning on new throw pillows. Ours are just warn out & getting flat these days. 
Side notes: curtains are expensive, hence why we only have one. And I still hate looking at our ruined tv stand. Ugh 
Greyson loves sitting at his new little table. He sits at it and does his "work." It's adorable! 
And I'm needing a way to organize the million toddler toys hanging around everywhere. Possibly a sofa table behind the blue couch with some cute storage baskets? 
Outside is looking a little more welcoming! I had to make a quick-thinking hack in order to contain the toddler who is able to unlock our front door! It's not the cutest, but it works! I'm wanting to add a screen door of sorts to the front to allow for a window and bring in some fresh air with the summer (hopefully) heading our way. 
But I like the chairs on the front porch to be able to sit and enjoy some coffee. And the wreath I just made the other day! It's simple, but I like the earthy, personalized touch with the "G." I like to think its inviting! 
So that's a short tour of our house so far! Not perfect (yet), but it's coming around and will be soon! 
And of course some pictures of Greyson! Mr. Sunglasses Lover! Ah a boy after my own heart! 

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  1. Door opening, not the funnest. I love the pic with him sitting at the little table on the phone - business call I assume =) Nice to feel more settled. Looking good.