Greyson - 2 Year Update

5:08 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

So I realized that I never compiled a post about Greyson around his 2nd birthday! I'm finally getting around to it 3 months late! 
Age: 2 years & 3 months
Weight: 27 lbs
Height: 34 3/4 inches
Clothes: pretty much in a solid 2T. If the brand runs a little small, he can get away with a 3T. His pants are slowly becoming a little short, so good thing it's almost time to rock shorts all the time! He's in size 6 shoes, but we need to start getting some 7s since I'm convinced he will wake up tomorrow & won't fit the 6s! 
Favorite foods: He loves all fruits anytime of the day! He always wants peanut butter & yogurt as well. He is super picky these days, but he will almost always chow on some burritos, spaghetti, pizza and any type of bread! He won't eat a lot of meat or veggies, but hoping that changes soon & he starts eating what we're offering. 
Words: He says so many words & phrases these days! Something new everyday! Recent favorites have been singing the ABCs & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He also likes to say "what is the deal?" Or "what does it mean!" 
Activities: he loves being outside! He is learning how to catch & throw balls and anytime we are walking somewhere he wants to race, though it usually only lasts about 5 steps! He pretends he is on a phone all day long & wants to copy more & more of what we do. Putting on & changing hats is a new favorite of his so I foresee some dress up clothes in his future! 
Favorite Things: he loves his accessories - sunglasses, hats, headphone, backpack! He is really into shoes too! He likes saying "mommy, daddy" and having us say "Greyson" back to him, as well as pointing everyone out in our picture frames. He also requests to call Terra, Nana & daddy everyday to and from school! 
Signature moves: putting his sunglasses on, stopping, taking them off & setting them down & putting them back on over & over. Breaking out into dance! Swiping cell phones like a ninja

It amazes me how quickly kids grow up! A week goes by and he is like a whole new kid! I don't think it'll ever stop blowing my mind! But for now, I will love on our little growing smarty pants & enjoy this super fun age! 

Happy weekend!