25 Days of Christmas// Week 2

2:15 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Ah I can't believe it's already the week before Christmas! Where has the time gone? We've been so busy over here with fun activities just filling our day up with craziness sometimes that I haven't really had time to share it all. Even better, half the time I don't even have a chance to take photos of all the fun! 

So here's a recap of our second week of Christmas, days 8-14

Day 8: make a popcorn treat & watch The Polar Express
Grey liked this! He hadn't seen it before and was super into it! He held onto one of his color flash cards, which almost looks like a ticket from the movie, the whole time! The popcorn was delicious! Just regular butter popcorn with some melted white chocolate and Christmas colored sprinkles! Yum! 

Day 9: Special gift - Build a Santa window cling & decorate the door
This was tricky at first but he realized they were like stickers and had a blast. Now he just rips them off the windows any chance he gets! 

Day 10: make gingerbread-scented playdough 
This was a fun activity for both of us. Grey is getting more interested in helping me do baking & crafting things. I let him help pour things junto the bowl and mix it when he's able to, depending on the consistency. And what's better than something you get to play with in the end?! He's actually gotten into playing with the playdough instead of just trying to eat it! 

Day 11: hot cocoa treat 
Greyson loves not cocoa and after some outside freezing fun, it's a good treat for him! He gets so excited and loves that he gets to use the little mug. And of course picks all of his marshmallows out to eat first! 

Day 12: Christmas coloring! 
When we were in the states, my mom pulled out a few old coloring books for Greyson to play with & we ended up bringing a Christmas one back with us. I got him to sit & color with me for a little bit! Though no coloring session is complete without his favorite Movhael Buble Christmas music! 

Day 13: mail our Christmas package. No pictures because there wasn't really anything to take pictures of! 

Day 14: Bake Christmas cookies
This was a fun endeavor! He wasn't interested in helping make the dough, but he was all out cutting out the dough with the cookie cutters! I even got him to help roll out some dough with the rolling pin! 

So much fun and so busy all at the same time! We're already nearing the end of the next week with plenty more Christmas excitement to share soon!