It's The little Things// Fun With Laundry Baskets

12:15 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Our days lately have been very cooped up & cabin feverish. I've been dabbling in sickness on and off, Grey has been still working on getting the hang of potty training & we're dealing issues with license laws here making me unable to drive currently.

So needless to say, we've spent lots of time inside trying to get better & keep undies dry. Both somewhat unsuccessful in their own ways. But thanks to the previously mentioned potty training, I've been knee deep in laundry around here. And Greyson decided that laundry baskets make for some fun toys on cold, snowy days! 
Naturally it's the perfect thing to flip into, lay in & drag the scooter into! He was beyond overjoyed to be playing in the laundry baskets. 
"Say cheese!" And this is the adorable smile he gives! Ah! Swoon! 
Indoor activities have seemingly been hard to figure out these days. But I'm on the search for more things to try soon. With any hope, we will have some good news regarding our move back to the states in just over a month very soon. It will be interesting if we need to entertain Greyson in our house after all of our stuff is packed up for shipment! 

What do you do for fun on those days when everything is keeping you inside?