Our Potty Training Experience

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Ah the time has come to try this potty training thing! 

Like many people I've always been told or heard that boys are much harder than girls and usually aren't successful until they're a little older. But when a friend from my college sorority told me about their success potty training their son who is exactly 1 month younger than Greyson using the 3 Day Potty Training method, we decided to give it a whirl! 

The book says 22 months is the prime age to do it and Greyson just turned 23 months the previous week. We weren't already in the middle of another method so we were clear to start as soon as our schedule allowed. 

We already had a little potty chair at home so needed to grab the other materials. We picked up a ton of toddler undies (33 pairs to be exact), big kid flush able wipes for easier cleanup and some M&Ms for rewards. 
We had Greyson help us "throw away" his diapers and say goodbye to them. We use cloth diapers so they won't actually be put in the trash, just packed away for when we have another baby. 
Our potty chair has a removable trainer that can be set on the big toilet seat. We debated both using it as a little chair & putting it on the toilet. We opted for the on the toilet option because he likes to take it apart when it's the little chair & we wanted to get him used to going potty on a big toilet, in hopes that he won't be scared when he has to use one out in public.
The method says to put the trainee in just a shirt & underwear. Boy is he cute with his big boy underwear! 

Day 1 was lots of accidents. All morning we didn't manage to get him to the potty to finish peeing when we'd catch him during an accident. Finally we started to sort of pick up on his cues & managed to get him there a few times to finish. We couldn't get him to pee on the toilet before his nap so of course he woke up wet & had the same problem for bedtime. He didn't catch on the first day at all what was going on. I was much less frustrated by the day than I thought I'd be, mostly because I went into it expecting accidents all day & with even just a little progress, I went to bed very hopeful. 
Day 2 started off a little better. Greg had to go out to the field so I was on my own for most of the day. Grey woke up having had an accident so his teepee floor padding needed to be stripped & washed. The first few accidents weren't great, but he soon remembered what we did the day before & most of them he finished sitting on the potty. He likes getting his reward & of course wants them all the time. A few times he even started to pee, gasped & ran for the bathroom, although he didn't manage to pee any more. 

After naptime, he woke up dry! I watched the monitor like a hawk & as soon as he moved, I was up there to get him & head for the bathroom. I started to feel defeated since he'd be running around or playing & I'd notice a small wet spot. He wasn't having full blown accidents but his undies would be a little wet. I definitely felt like I was failing because I couldn't catch such little wetness & rush him to the potty. Well my friend pointed out that he is probably learning to hold his bladder, so a bit comes out & he stops. She was right! So I when I'd see the little spot start, I'd tell him he had to go potty & take him to the bathroom & sure enough, he'd go a lot on the potty! A few times of that & he started running to the bathroom himself, after a little wetness, & we'd help him up to go! 

Day 3 Greyson woke up in the morning a little wet, although I suspect it was me not getting to him soon enough after he woke up (which was at 6:15am, so can ya blame me?). We filled him up with juice & water all morning and he kept on the same track of going a tiny bit then running to the bathroom to finish. Each time it's a little less, so we can tell he's slowly starting to pick up on his potty sensations earlier. He hadn't gone poop at all since we started Saturday morning so we've been watching him like a hawk, just knowing it'll happen. Well sure enough I saw him stop in his tracks & start to grunt. I don't think I've ran that fast in awhile to get him to the potty. He was so confused & kinda scared but he went in the potty! We finished out the morning before an early naptime not he same track where he'll tell us, but only after going a bit already.

After naptime , he was wet by the time I got to his room. The rest of the day was pretty good in terms of him going a tiny bit & realizing it himself & running to the bathroom. He was still stubborn on going pee before bedtime. He hadn't quite caught onto the idea of going before going to sleep yet.
After the training
Day 4 was our first time out of the house after the 3 day stay home all the time portion. Greyson did great & kept his underwear dry the whole time, though he also held his pee the whole time as well. I took him to the bathroom 3 times while out & he wouldn't go. But went as soon as we were home. 
This was a trying day for us as I was sick & he had already seemed to regress, with 3 accidents & just not telling us when he had to go. I was so ready to give it up, but my husband convinced me to try again the next day & hope it was better.. 

Day 5 it was indeed better! We opted to stay home all day & skip gymnastics & a playgroup since I was sick. I noticed a couple of hours after being up that his underwear was a little damp & told him he had to potty & he happily obliged. The next few times he'd stop, run to the bathroom & I'd help him pee and even better, his undies were still dry! I was so happy after the pretty awful previous day. He's been itching to play outside & since he was doing so well, we got on some pants & ran around outside.

He also jumped on the going potty before sleep train & went before naptime & bedtime, although he woke up wet from both. Naptime is an issue of me not getting to him quick enough once he's up and bedtime is he isn't getting up to pee when he needs to. At this point, I've realized I'll need to implement the nighttime suggestions in the book to help him successfully stay dry at night, since only stopping liquids 2-3 hours before & going potty before bed aren't cutting it. 

Day 6 Grey woke up earlier than the alarm I have set so he is wet standing at his door. Once we get passed the accident, we are back on track to dry undies & him telling me he has to go. Errands takes us out of the house, which means no nap to worry about. For the most part, he did well out and about with only one accident since he didn't pee when we visited the bathroom. I bought another little potty seat for him & we tried it out & managed to get him to pee at the store. For now, that seems to be the key to on the go potty! He even stopped in front of the bathroom at the grocery store & my husband took him for a successful pee trip! So proud of him! 

Day 7 Grey woke up at 4 am dry & went pee, but he didn't get it all & was wet when he got up for good a few hours later. Admittedly, I assumed he wouldn't pee since he went in the middle of the night, so jokes on me. Accidents aren't really a worry, especially around the house, since he is good about letting us know he needs to go. Just working on sleep times & poops still. 
So far, it's pretty much worked out well. Grey didn't really get it in the 3 days, but he picked it up eventually. Nighttime & poops are still a struggle, but those are the toughest parts of potty training. After several nights of accidents all night, we'll be trying some different techniques to help him stay dry & will be sure to update when we have it figured out! 
But if you're considering trying this method, I recommend it for sure. Grey still has an accident here and there, usually because he's too into what he's doing & forgets to let us know he has to go. But that's a toddler for you!