Happy Birthday Greyson!

12:50 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Our baby boy is officially one year old! 

Weight: 20 lbs [25%] 
Height: 30 inches [50%] 
Favorite foods: bananas, yogurt, chicken & dumplings, pasta
Favorite activities: bath time, being tickled, feeding the dogs [his food], cuddling fuzzy blankets, "reading" books, pulling clothes out of his dresser
I can: say Mama, Dada, Night Night [pronounced "ni ni"], Hi, Yes, wave & say "Bye Bye" 

I LOVE birthdays & doing all sorts of little things to make them as special as possible! And the day for my little guy was no exception! 
First thing he did was walk through his birthday "tunnel!" He was a little skeptical about it at first but quickly realized he loves hitting the balloons! We started off the day bright & early to take daddy for an appointment. Greyson enjoyed eating his banana big boy style while I got some much needed caffeine for the long day ahead! He did great at his doctor's appointment, including going #2 juuuust before the dr walked in. Sweet. 
I made Greyson some Valentine's funfetti pancakes & was super pumped to give them to him - heart-shaped of course! He, however, was less than impressed! 

We followed up his fun snack with some errands & then swimming with some friends! He had such a blast playing in the water, especially stepping in & out of the pool while holding my hand! And finished off the evening by skyping with Nana Deb, eating some pizza & a tiny bit of Valentines Day/Birthday cheesecake! 
I literally dreamt about his birthday for a year & although the whole day didn't go as I imagined it, it was a perfect day! Couldn't ask for a better son to call our own! He is so sweet, funny & loving! The joy in his eyes when he explores the world around him literally melts my heart! I can't wait for the years to come & the many birthdays to plan & make special! <3