July 4th

12:35 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

I'm We like to keep July 4th a bit on the low key side over here. Not because we aren't patriotic, but it's hot & people like to get crazy. With little kids, we just try to be smart. 

Colorado Springs has lots of places that set off fireworks on the 4th of July. We missed watching them last year because Greyson spiked a fever, keeping us home. (Spoiler alert - similar situation occurred this year). 
Even though there's lots of places to go, they're super crowded & require sometimes miles worth of walking just from where parking is available. 
Kids + extra walking + huge crowds = not for us! 

Every year, Fort Carson does their 4th of July event on the 3rd. I had been itching to have a BBQ all summer so my boss offered to host at her house. The girls I work with & our families all headed over & had a fun little potluck BBQ. We hung out, the kids played with chalk & bubbles, & we ate (of course!) 

Then we walked to the event on base since it was close to her house. Kids played in the bouncy houses a bit before they decided to kick 2-4 year olds out because there were too many. So some in the group grabbed treats & we headed back to find a spot to watch fireworks. 

Greyson loves my boss' son & finally warmed up to my boss, after months of breakdowns because he said Hi to him.  He also was obsessed with the stuffed alien her son won & carried him back, after naming him Aneen! His imagination is a wild one! 

Olivia was chill her first 4th. She was admired & passed around a lot. She mostly just hung out since she's really too young to partake in much of the fun . 

Fireworks are infinitely better when watched through your kids' eyes. I have Grey a light stick that was like gold to him. And the amazement on his face with each flash & boom. #swoon 
Olivia slept in the carrier of course, just like Greyson slept through his first 4th of July fireworks. 

And in typical Greyson + holiday fashion he ended up with bacterial conjunctivitis. We spent our 4th of July in urgent care before we came home to hangout, play with chalk, & cherish the joy of putting eye ointment on our 3 year old. 

Happy Independence Day!!