Sunshine comes to Germany

8:27 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

We finally got a few nice weather days here in Germany! Long awaited after the darkest winter Germany has seen since 1951. Sweet! Not...

But sunshine was a great change of pace! Greyson & I usually spend most of our time indoors unless we're out & about running errands! Being born in February meant that Grey spent most of his first 2 months either inside or bundled up like a caterpillar in a cocoon so he didn't freeze to death! I think I enjoyed being outside more than he did because he isn't fond of the sun in his eyes - good thing I just bought him sweet baby shades and & just have to wait for them to get here!!

He's got these sweet star sunglasses but they're too big on him so they slide down his nose & he proceeds to attempt to eat them! It actually really funny to watch! 

Dexter sunbathing! 

Gaia overlooking the fields by our house! 

Greyson & I 

Chilling on some comfy blankets with all my toys! 

Yummm Racoon! :) 

Grey LOVES his giraffe! They're friends! 

So far Greyson has enjoyed being outside in the warmth & sunshine, when he doesn't decide it's nap time! Hah I cannot wait until it is actually summer weather & he can hold his head up really well so we can go swimming! He has little swimming trunks coming too! 

But as I write this, it is a gloomy, cold day again here! Onto housework & web surfing! Happy Saturday!