2 Months

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Whoa time is flying by! Greyson is 2 months old already! He changes every single day - his mannerisms, his expressions, his personality! It's crazy to me sometimes how different of a baby he is from when he was born! I love waking up everyday - well, once about 8 AM hits, haha - and seeing his adorable little man!

Baby smiles! :) 

We are finally getting into a little bit of a routine! He is a great baby & becoming a little more predictable! That's helping so we know when its best to get things done! 
Greyson recently found his hands to be a tasty little treat toy! They are always in his mouth! He is getting really good at using one hand to shove the other in! 


"Can't reach it! Uhhhh"

We've been working on tummy time, more each day. He doesn't mind it most of the time & usually ends up rolling onto his side while laying on the floor! His play mat just came in the mail today [hopefully Greg picks it up] but for now we just lay on the floor with a blanket & his toys surrounding him! 

Greyson loves to use his legs! He obviously can't stand yet but he loves when we hold him so that he can try to stand on his feet! He is very keen on doing things on his own - I hope he keeps up that determination! 

Greyson had his 2 month well baby check up last Friday. His stats were: 
Weight - 10.5 lbs, 26th percentile
Height - 23 in., 51st percentile
Head circumference - 40 cm, 56th percentile 

He's growing so much! He also got his shots this Monday - oh man was it intense! He was fine for a second or 2 then freaked out & turned bright red! I was fine until he was screaming & I couldn't help, then I cried! Oh.. I'm such a mom now! Ha Got lots of cuddle time with lil man that night because he had no intention of being alone all that night! 

Ain't that the truth?! 

Dexter trying to "shake" with Greyson

We just bought a few new things for the house! Trying to make it more homey & awesome! Its coming along very well! Just a few more things to finish it off. 

New couch & picture arrangement

New bookshelf - matching one for other side to come!

Blue couch! :) 

So off to snuggle my little man! Up next - the pics from our photoshoot!