Bath time!

12:59 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Greyson got his first bath a few weeks ago! Had to wait for his umbilical cord stump to fall off & it was on!

I'd been waiting for us to be able to give him a good, real bath! I got his cute little towel ready & the lavender bedtime bath soap to relax him for bedtime! Greg got the infant tub ready & the water a good warm [not too warm of course] temperature for Greyson!

Greg getting the bath ready

Scrub a dub dub - Greyson in the tub!

He did very well for his first bath! 

All wrapped up in his duckie towel! So sleepy! 

Me & Greyson after bath time! 

Greyson did great for his first bath! Not entirely a fan of the infant insert cause it makes it so that he doesn't actually sit in the water, but it keeps him from sliding down & his head/face going in the water! He kinda freaked out initially - mostly because he was naked & cold! But once he got in the tub & we got the warm water over him, he calmed right down & enjoyed it! He slept great that night! We've started doing bath time a few nights a week & he gets better with it each time! Hoping he will start to associate bath time with bedtime!