8 Months

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I know its a bit late... but Greyson is 8 months old now! 

New Foods: Blueberries, Waffles, Yogurt, Pumpkin, Pasta, Garlic Bread
Favorite Activities: pulling himself to stand & cruising along furniture, trying to grab anything mommy or daddy have, chasing the dogs, watching football

We visited a few pumpkin patches & Greyson got his own baby pumpkin

New Browns gear for my boys! 

Ouchie from a minor mishap involving Grey's face & the floor! 

Our big man trying to brush his imaginary teeth 

Mesmerized by The Grinch - yes, we were watching The Grinch in October. Sue me! 

Just taking a stroll with the toy! 

Greyson is now more mobile than I could've imagined he would be by this point in time! He is finally trying to move on his knees a bit, but usually chooses the low-crawl mode for his everyday mischievous needs. If there is anything within his arms reach that he isn't supposed to play with, those little hands will be on it like white on rice! Geez this kid is quick! 

We've started doing a mix of pureed baby food & finger foods since his pincer grasp is pretty awesome! He loves trying new foods & eating the things that mommy & daddy have. Just today I was forced to share my yogurt with him! I thought I had a little more time before we had a food ninja on ours hands! The dogs like when he gets finger foods though since he will hold his hands down by his sides & sneak them bits of stuff. 

Greyson is obsessed with doors & his new discovery has been the doors to the TV stand! He could sit & play with them alllll day & trust me, he has!

Daddy making him feel better after shutting his fingers in the TV stand doors.. which he was back playing with a few minutes later. Babies! 

His favorite "toy" - the remote! 

He frantically crawled over to his book, flipped it open & put his face on the book & started whispering to it! He is so silly its adorable! 

It's been an interesting week since we got back from our trip to the states! All 3 of us had a dance with a stomach bug that grounded us for a couple of days. We [& by we I mean mostly me] have battled with a jet lagged baby who wants to play from 12-3 AM. I have managed to clean out the clothes Greyson no longer fits & make piles on the floor of all of the bigger sized new clothes he just acquired. Restocked our entire kitchen that we left bare just before we left. And have done lots of chasing & cuddling. To end this crazy week, I get to cuddle with my amazing hubby & enjoy a BIG glass of wine while the baby [hopefully] sleeps! Look forward to a post about our trip & travels!