Our Day in Pictures

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Well fall has basically come & gone already here in Germany! The leaves changed for a hot second & have been falling to the ground all week. We are finally back on a normal schedule since returning from our visit in the states. Greyson is doing well with naps but still having a little trouble sleeping long stretches at night.

I was thinking. We take pictures of all the big moments - the firsts, fancy times and just things we think we have to document. Well what about the everyday stuff? Greyson & I do almost the same thing every day but I love it & wouldn't change it for the world. So why not remember the little things to?! The silly faces he makes as his personality grows daily. The random things he gets his little hands on that he probably shouldn't. The everyday love between us that isn't posed or choreographed. 

Well this is it. This is us. 

A little Pinterest & coffee while Greyson hangs out & I wake up

Breakfast with my lil guy - this particular morning was mango

Play time! His weapon of choice - the remote of course!

He climbs up there all by himself. Staring down the floor trying how to get back down

"Hey mom! I need to eat the camera now!"

Climbing on mommy. I make a pretty sweet baby mountain!

Story time! He spends most of the time trying to rip out the pages or eat the book, but it works! 

Post-nap #1. "Mom! No cameras!!"

At least a solid 5 minutes of peek-a-boo! One of his favorite things to do! 

Lunch. This day he wanted some of my garlic bread. I'm nice so I share!

He loves the music and lights on the walking toy

Puppy kisses! 

Cup ninja swiped my water! Hasn't quite mastered the straw yet!

RIP F1 key! You will surely be missed.. 

Post-Nap #2. Being playful in his crib! 

My adorable little guy. He loves posing for some pictures

"I look ridiculous! Get this thing off of my head!" Yeah.. it lasted about 10 seconds. As did our walk since it was colder than I expected

Daddy's home! He gets so excited now when daddy comes home to play!

He just needed a little coffee.. 

Helping daddy make dinner. Maybe I should get him a little apron? Ha

Telling daddy about his day! He is so chatty during dinner. Only a matter of time before he's actually saying words! 

Nothing monumental happened this day. But I am so happy to have these pictures & to be able to have them to share. Greyson is growing up faster than I could've imagined & I just hope I can remember him being this small for as long as I can!