Merry Christmas!

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Ho Ho Ho! 'Tis the season to be merry!

Greyson's first Christmas is one we with cherish forever! And it was certainly an interesting time that we had!

We started the holiday off on Christmas Eve opening some gifts from family. We all got some Christmas PJs to wear that night & Christmas morning. And Greyson got a few new Christmas books & a new Christmas movie! Then he capped off the night by waking up just after 11 PM, being super upset & unconsolable, not going back to sleep until 145 AM! Talk about a frustrating, exhausting night! 

The up-side to Greyson's late night fiasco was that we all slept in for a change! It was nice [other than it wrecking havoc on Grey's schedule]. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast casserole I had cooking overnight in the crockpot. Thanks Pinterest! :) 

Christmas morning coffee in our new red Starbucks mugs

Greg helping Greyson open his stocking - while Grey chews on his new movie! 

Excited to run around with daddy's new Browns cup! 

"Feed me more mom!!"

It was so cool to watch Greyson open his gifts! He didn't really understand what was happening, but he was so cute trying! We got him to rip some paper off of gifts & although we did most of the work for him, he liked the end result of all the new toys! I already can't wait until next year when he is older & understands a little more what is happening!

We watched one of my favorite Christmas movies as we opened our gifts - A Christmas Story

Mommy helping Greyson open his gift, his musical turtle 

CAT MegaBloks Truck that we got him & he was so into it! 

We Skyped with our parents & my sister to open the gifts they sent to us! It was nice to get to see them & chat with them - even if it was through a computer screen. The holidays have always been one of my favorite times of the year & now that Greyson is here, they are even more amazing!

Greg LOVES his new jersey that I got him! Best Wife Award over here! :) 

Wearing my new Vera Bradley apron as I get our Christmas dinner ready! 

My first Christmas dinner entirely made by myself - Ham with brown sugar & pineapples, Sweet potatoes & crescent rolls! Yum! 

But it is very difficult living in Germany so far from the ones we love most! Christmas was always such a busy time for us - going to multiple houses, having big dinners & being surrounded by lots of people & love. So it was a little weird being home with just the 3 of us. But I love my boys & I wouldn't change having them here to spend my days with! Very blessed to have such an amazing husband & adorably awesome son! Not to mention our loving families!

Just a few more days left of 2013! Ready to round out the rest of the year & bring in the new year soon!