10 Months

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This little handsome man is 10 months old today! :)

Favorite "Toys:" Learning Walker, cups, remote control, leftover dishes, books
Favorite Foods: Bananas, Blueberries, Sweet potato fries, Chicken, Meatloaf, Toast with jam, Scrambled Eggs 
Milestones: Greyson is walking like a champ, has 6 teeth now, babbling so much as he says "mama" & "baba" [trying to say "dada"] 

We celebrated Greyson's first Thanksgiving with some wonderful friends who invited us to join in on their festivities! We enjoyed great company & Greyson got to play with some little baby friends. Food was delicious & Greyson went crazy when the food was gone! 

Christmas lights are mesmerizing! 

We went to a Christmas party for kids hosted by Greg's unit! Lots of fun games & prizes for the kids. And a visit from Santa! I've been waiting for this since we found out I was pregnant - and Greyson hated Santa! You would have thought the jolly old guy was just murdering him! This is what tired, hungry & stranger danger looks like when it hits a baby all at once! 

Poor Santa - haha

We went to our first Christmas Market here in Germany! We ventured out to Saarbrucken, enjoyed some gluhwein & looked at some fun German goodies! It was a tad bit nippy out but that didn't stop Greyson from passing out in the baby carrier! 

Eyeballing daddy's gluhwein! Yes he wanted some, no he didn't get any! ;)

Family Photo - we were so festive in our red outfits! 

 And of course we decorated the house for Christmas! I did most of the decorating while Greyson was sleeping as I could imagine the fun hassle of untangling Christmas lights while also trying to wrangle them away from an infant! So far so good on the decorations front with Greyson - he is interested in the gifts under the tree & has inspected branches a few times, but hasn't tried anything funny... yet! He does like the nutcrackers though! He carries them around & puts them in various places around the living room. & even talks to the fake Santa! 

Couldn't help but snap a few hundred pictures of Greyson in front of the tree all lit up! Isn't he just presh?! 

Lot of holiday fun coming up very quickly! We have all of Greyson's gifts from us ready to go & only waiting on a few in the mail for Christmas morning! I have some delicious meals planned that I'm excited to make! I've never made a whole big holiday meal on my own before so I hope it goes well! Can't wait to see Greyson open his gifts & get to play with them - more than checking them out in the store to make sure he likes them!