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I have so much to be thankful for this year! We all have our ups & downs, but these few things are always there for me & have made this past year [& many prior to this one] awesome! I wouldn't be where I am today without the very special people in my life! 

My little family - Greg, Greyson & I
I am so grateful to have the 2 of them to spend my days & my life with! I love being a wife & mom. I've had so many dreams of where I would end up in life & in every scenario, those are the 2 things that never change! Almost every night, as I rock Greyson to sleep & smell his beautiful baby head, I can't help but think to myself that I was meant to be a mom. So thankful that I've been given this blessing in life. 

Greg - my amazing husband & loving father to Greyson
I'm thankful everyday to have him as the one I get to spend my life with. Even after 8 years together & 2 years of marriage, I love him to pieces & love spending every minute I can with him. He is so supportive of me & my dreams & encourages me to reach for the stars! 

Greyson - my loving little baby boy
This bundle of energy is the craziest, smartest, most loving little boy I could ever imagine & I am so thankful that I get to be his mommy! He lights up our lives everyday with all that he does. Its been a whirlwind 9.5 months since he joined our lives, but oh such an amazing time its been. Can't wait to keep watching him grow & see what he becomes! 

Dexter & Gaia - our crazy, cuddly pups
Dexter is a ball-chasing maniac who doesn't stop but is just the best cuddler around! And Gaia is like an independent teenager who wants to do her own thing, but she will snuggle right up & lay her head on your lap & just melt your heart. These are our first "babies" & I love seeing them interact with Greyson & knowing the bond that is between them already

Terra - my amazing little sister & Debbie - my loving mom
The 2 of them keep me going & are 2 of my best friends! They both mean the world to me & I am so thankful to have spent my whole life with them by my side [figuratively at this point! ha]. The days when I get to chat with them are some of my best days. They both help me be a better, stronger person & they have shaped the woman, mother & wife that I am today. 

John, Don, Debbie, Crystal & Joe - My dad, step-dad, mom, mother-in-law & father-in-law
The 5 of them together have provided Greg, Greyson & I with so much love & support over the years its not even funny! I am thankful for all that each one has done for us. Also for knowing that they are there for us in the good times & the bad. 

I have so much more to be thankful for: friends, extended family, our house, the Air Force, the opportunity to get to experience living abroad. Our lives aren't perfect, but we have much love & happiness all around.