25 Days of Christmas

10:19 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Having a baby brings a whole new excitement to the holiday that are quickly approaching! I can't wait for him to try all the yummy Thanksgiving foods & starting new family traditions.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year since I was a kid. I love decorating, spending time with family, taking in mass amounts of peppermint, listening to Christmas music 24/7 & of course shopping for gifts to give to those closest to me.

I have obviously already started thinking about what fun we can have for Greyson's first Christmas this year & want to find a way to incorporate Christmas into all 25 days of December leading up to Christmas morning. Its unrealistic to do some things still since Greyson is so young, but I was able to come up with a Christmas Bucket List to do with baby this year! Here is my list:

1. Go to a Christmas market & drink gluhwein [Warm, spiced red wine very popular here in Germany during the winter]

2. Make Christmas paintings with Greyson
3. Take pictures in front of the Christmas tree in our festive gear
4. Paint nails & wear all red & green one day
5. Go to a Christmas tree farm
6. Make Christmas cards & a Christmas card display
7. Take Greyson to see Santa
8. Spend all day in PJs drinking warm, yummy drinks & watching Christmas movies all day

9. Make cinnamon handprint ornaments
10. Pay for someone's coffee behind us in line at coffee place
11. Make treats for friends & leave them as a surprise at doorstep
12. Wrap Christmas gifts while watching Christmas movies on repeat
13. Make a gingerbread house
14. Go Christmas shopping & enjoy peppermint mochas while walking around
15. Drive around & look at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate

16. Play in the snow & make a snowman
17. Make cotton ball snowmen art with Greyson
18. Take pictures somewhere in the snow
19. Bake & decorate Christmas cutout cookies
20. Go to a Christmas party
21. Play the Christmas Vacation drinking game [courtesy of Little Baby Garvin blog] & drink egg nog
22. Stuff stockings with goodies

23. Make cookies for Santa
24. Enjoy a festive Christmas-theme
d meal & yummy drinks
25. Open Christmas Eve box [PJs, Christmas book & hot cocoa]

My goal is to do everything on this list &
I know some will happen more than once!
And of course take pictures to share here!

Already getting the the spirit rocking out to Christmas music
while dancing with Greyson around the house!
I'm sure Greg thinks I'm nuts - although he does amuse me sometimes & puts in a
Christmas movie since he knows I love them!

'Tis the season to be Mary Merry! ;)