Willkommen in Deutschland

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Welcome to Germany!

We've been here for a couple of days now & we're still getting used to everything!

There was a little more to our airport adventures - we got stuck at the cargo facility in Baltimore for about 2 1/2 hours! Fun, right? Not so much. We caught a cab there to pick up the dogs, but when we arrived, it was going to be about a 15 min. wait for them to transport them inside of the cargo holding & unload them. The cab driver did not want to wait that long for us, so we paid him so he could leave. That wouldn't have been a problem if there were any taxis that would pick people up in that damn city! After 45 min. of trying to find a company that could pick us up, Greg was told a driver would be there in 30-40 min. Well wrong... 40 min. later he called to check up on it & the lady never sent anyone! We called like every 10 min. after that to make sure the driver she said she was sending was actually coming! Once the guy finally came, he was super nice & think the cargo people were really happy for us to finally have someone pick us up!

The rest of the time in the airport went smoothly! We kept the dogs until 30 min. before we had to be at the terminal for boarding & they did soooo well in the airport!

The airplane was huge - I'm talking double decker, had to be like 60 rows on just the first level with 10 seats per row! Holy moly! There were some in-flight movies, but we basically slept the whole time or watched our own movies that we brought.

We had one hell of a greeting at the airport in Ramstein. Greg's sponsor/supervisor came & brought tons of guys from the squadron with him to help & greet us! The key spouse came as well to greet me, which was awesome! It was nice to have so many people there to help when we got off the plane in a foreign country.

Germany is a nice place! So clean & beautiful & so far everyone is friendly, granted those we've encountered have been US military! Ha The commissary was a little confusing, with some food being labeled in German but we found enough food that we are familiar with. The BX is huuuge! It's like a mall & has everything you can think of inside of it! There was clothes, sporting goods, furniture, electronics, little German shops, Cinnabon [yummm], car sales places & so much more! Greg even found the Vera Bradley section & was so happy to show me! He knows me too well! :)

We're staying in temporary lodging right now. It's basically a furnished apartment with almost everything we need to live here. We'll be here until we're able to find a house off base to live on! Greg got his housing brief today & has all kinds of info to help us find a place to live.

Here are some pics of where we're living at the moment & a little bit of the surrounding area. We don't have a car or anyway to get around, other than walking, so I haven't taken all too many pictures yet. But enjoy these for now!

Living room

Kitchen & a little of the dining room table

Front bathroom 

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Gaia chillin on the back deck

Checking out the scenery

The dog park thats right in our backyard

Street in front of our temp. house

They love looking out the windows

Glass bottle of Coke from lunch today 

Hope you've enjoyed the pics so far! I plan to take more as soon as I can! :)