Adjustment - Harder Than It Sounds

4:02 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Well we've been in Germany now for 10 days! Crazy!

We're still living in our pet-friendly hotel, out of our suitcases still I might add. We have a handful of things to eat & mostly rely on grabbing food on the go at the Base Exchange - the giant mall! We're both just ready to be on something that resembles a normal schedule!

We've been house hunting like maniacs recently. It's been stressful because we want a house - a small one - with some sort of yard for the dogs. We looked at a few houses over the last few days & German houses are so much different than American houses. They are huge, old, don't have carpet, no closets, sit so close to the neighbors' houses that I bet they can see inside & usually have no yard! I knew most of these things were different going into the hunt, but it's so much different once you actually see the houses & the differences in person!

We have to be out of this temporary lodging on the 20th or so & have desperately been searching! After a discouraging visit to the housing office - where they basically said our personal preferences don't matter at all - we found a house we reeeally like! It's a little house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, some balconies & a little yard in a cute little village! The landlords were very nice to us! They took us back to their home, offered us drinks & went over the rental contract with us! Soo nice! We have to take the rental agreement to the housing office on Monday & hope everything goes smoothly! If so, we have a house! :)

I will post pictures after the house is complete - they're fixing some stuff up from after the previous tenants & bringing things, like the electricity, up to speed! So excited now!

Well tonight is a pretty slow Friday night! No plans but to just chill after an exhausting week of house hunting! Tomorrow we hope to have some plans to see Germany! :)