Life is... interesting?

9:14 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Hello world! I have been gone for away being busy getting everything situated here in Germany! Life is, like the title says, interesting! Germany is a good deal different than the US. Still trying to get used to the changes & the adjustments we are needing to make that we were not all completely prepared for!
Some things to note about Germany:

1. It looks kinda like the Appalachian Mountains everywhere! I say this because it's very hilly, covered with trees & just downright beautiful! We drive down the road to go, well, anywhere, and my ears are pretty much guaranteed to pop!

2. Technology isn't as prevalent. Cell phone companies in the states have tons of plans & options, but most here only have 1 or 2 to choose from & when you get it, service isn't always the best everywhere you go! Point 2 on this - its going to take 2-3 weeks for stuff to get to us for our home phone & internet! What?!

3. Exchange rates suck!! The dollar isn't doing to hot right about now, which wouldn't be a problem, but it costs us like $1.30 or so per euro! That adds up quickly & this is not being nice to our bank account!

4. Cars last a whole lot longer here! Case in point - our rental car when we first got here was a 1995 BMW & it ran like a car that is like a 2000 or so in the states would run! Tons of cars out here are from the 90s & no one thinks second about it & they work! Yes, loooots of people drive the German cars - BMW, Audi, VW & Volvo - they're everywhere! But it's almost as common to see any one of these car brands from the 90s or early 2000s as it is to see a brand new BMW rolling around!

5. Germans are crazy drivers! The autobahn is not exactly like we imagined! Yes parts of it don't have a speed limit but where we happen to live does. 130 km/hour. Sounds fast right? Not so much. That's only like 72 mph or something. German drivers are very aggressive! When they have the right of way, you watch out cause they will run you out of their way! & on the autobahn, if you are going too slow & they're behind you, they'll come up & tailgate you basically until you move out of their way!

Those are my observations at the moment that I've been mulling over! I have some more but I'll save those for next time! Working on getting my phone to work again & figuring out how to charge my camera since my charger is not 220v capable! [Amazon anyone?] As soon as I get it figured out, I will take some pics & post them, mostly of the house with the stuff in it!