Our Little Peanut

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The story of how our little peanut came to be!

A few weeks ago, as Greg was getting ready for work, I decided it'd been awhile since that evil Aunt Flo had made her appearance so I took a pregnancy test. I didn't sit & watch to see its result, I just went on with my early, early morning - I was making Greg some eggs & toast and did not let the test stop me from doing so. I just noted the time & continued on with breakfast. About 5 minutes later, after almost forgetting about the test, I strolled to the bathroom expecting to not see anything significant and low & behold, there was a second pink line. Surprise!

I had always thought about finding some cute way to tell Greg when this happened & it was kinda a spur of the moment thing that, well, that didn't happen. I walked upstairs, trying to be calm, & just said "hey, I need to show you something." Then proceeded to display the pregnancy test with the clear second line to him. He did not know what to make of it at first & even asked "does.. that mean you're pregnant?" Oh boys... haha. Yes! it does!

I went to the lab the following day & got my blood test which confirmed what I already knew, that I was pregnant! I was so excited & found it hard to contain my excitement, as I was out with a friend & wanted Greg to know before anyone else!

We decided to make the news public to everyone [family & a few close friends knew sooner] with an adorable picture I half way stole from Pinterest. Greg had the idea to use the shoes we wear all the time instead of the ones we have & never touch but happen to match the baby shoes I bought for it.

Baby Converse - how cute! :) 

Well, as cheesy as some may think it is, I am probably gonna do belly pics as I progress through the pregnancy. I've seen several people who've done it, on Pinterest &/or blogs, and think it's a cute idea to track & share with family. This will be a nice way to stay connected with everyone back at home since we're so far away! 

I had Greg take my first belly pic the other night with my decorated chalkboard, which was given to us by my awesome Sis-in-law Nikki! I'm thinking of making a larger one just because then I can draw on it a little more & my handwriting is GIANT! haha 

9 weeks 1 day

I had originally calculated that my due date would be 1 February 2013. Well, after my OB appointment today, I was measuring 8 days smaller so now - Official Due Date 9 February 2013!! Crazy because that's only 4 days before I was due when my mom was pregnant for me! :) 

Below are the ultrasound print-outs I got at my appointment today! The first is my favorite, because it actually looks like a baby & not just a blob! ha

9 weeks 3 days - I have hands & feet & like to wave at mom & dad

I have a heartbeat of 188 or so! 

Am I a boy or girl?! 

Feeling great after my appointment today! Got reassured that everything is normal & good with the lil one! The doctor asked what we think we're having - I said "No idea!" She guessed, even early, that it's a... boy! Obviously it's too early to tell but that's the feeling she has! Chinese gender prediction, my craving of salty over sweet food & little to no nausea suggests a boy as well! Guess we'll see in about 10 weeks or so! 


  1. Congratulations Amanda! That is such great news! I will be sure to follow along with your blog...and maybe learn a thing or two before I start that journey! Happy to hear all is well! <3 AOT

  2. I love this blog!! :) You are going to be all belly and still teeny tiny! I am so excited to see what is happening with you in Germany and your little one. This is making me tear up so I have to stop typing now lol. Congrats dear :)

  3. That's so exciting!!! I'm so happy for the two of you. You're going to be a great mom! I hope life in Germany is treating you well! Can't wait to read more updates! :) <3 AOT

  4. I LOVE this blog!! although I am not thrilled about the belly pictures I will be stalking you on here ALL THE TIME! I miss you very much and I hope you are doing well and I miss you so very much and am so excited for you and Greg! <3 AOT

  5. Great blog. Will love following the story. Love you