16 weeks!

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16 Weeks

How far along?  16 weeks
Total weight gain:   about 4 pounds
Maternity clothes?   I just bought some tees and maternity leggings from H&M and some stuff from a flea market
Stretch marks?  Not yet!  Hoping this doesn't change!
Best moment this week:   Having Greg at my appointment & us both getting to hear the heartbeat! Oh & getting to hear it again 2 days later unexpectedly! 
Miss Anything?   Starbucks & wine & margaritas & my energy still
Movement?  I know they're moving around in there since we heard it on the doppler & lil one moved from Monday to Wednesday to new spot but I'm not sure I've felt it, unless I didn't realize it! 
Food cravings:   Juice lots of the time, BBQ stuff and cheesy potatoes
Anything making you queasy or sick:   not really anymore! Pretty much able to be around anything nowadays
Starting to show yet? Check out the pics! I would say so! & So far everyone realizes its baby & not just me eating too much! ha
Gender:   Still don't know! We have to wait until 19-21 weeks because that's when the military does the scan
Labor Signs:   NO! And I hope I don't have any for a long time! 
Symptoms:   Exhausted a lot of the time & having to pee way too much! 
Belly Button in or out?   In
Wedding rings on or off?   On
Happy or Moody most of the time:   Mostly happy! I only get moody when I am really tired so I nap & I'm better! 
Looking forward to:   Starting to feel the movement &finding out the gender so we can start buying the stuff we like and decorating! 

Ah so it's been awhile! My appointment this last week went well! We are doing a group OB program the hospital here offers so there's about 10 couples who are all due in February 2013 that meet up every 4-5 weeks for monthly appointments. They're more hands on than normal appointments, as we take our own weight & blood pressure. We each take turns using the doppler so we get to hear the heartbeats still and then the midwife goes through a bunch of information for around the time in the pregnancy we're in! Plus, we get to meet other people here in Germany in the military that are expecting too! 

And I mentioned last post that I was going to an everything baby flea market. It wasn't as big as I imagined it would be, but I still walked away with some pretty good stuff! Got some gender neutral onesies, towels, changing pad covers, a baby carrier, some clothes for myself, a pack-n-play and a high chair! It looks like more than when I list it and I only spent $78 total while the pack-n-play & high chair retail EACH for about $150! 

The high chair - its got blue & orange & a lil elephant with the dark wood! 

Collection of baby goodies! Stuffed animals, shoes, pacifiers, baby-proofing stuff, books, albums, etc. 

The clothes basket of baby clothes we've gotten so far! 

Pack-n-play opened up! Navy with little white squares! Even has the infant attachment for when they're super little & can't stand up yet! 

The room is still pretty bare, but we plan to deck it out after we find out if the lil one is a he or a she! Hopefully we buy the crib soon and can find matching furniture that we like! 

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